<< About sending application form of my number card >>

Currently, the government is sending applications for My Number Cards to those who do not have My Number Cards.
The sender is from the "Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems", an organization entrusted by the government.

    When applying for the Individual Number Card, please use the application form that you received.

We have sent (or will send) the grant application to the following people at another time, so we have not sent it this time.

    ・ Persons aged 75 and over (We plan to send a mailing application form when renewing the health insurance card of the medical system for the elderly)
    ・ Those who were born or transferred from abroad after January 1, 2nd year of Reiwa (the application for issuance is sent together with the personal number notification at the time of birth or transfer)
    ・ Foreign residents with a fixed period of stay (The Local Immigration Bureau will inform you about applications for the issuance of My Number Cards, etc.)

Also, please note that even those who have already applied for the Individual Number Card may receive the application form due to a misunderstanding.

▶ Please also refer to the following site.

Aira City Citizen's Life Department Citizen's Division