Why don’t you send it with Gamo Japanese paper this year?

How nice! 0 December. I have to prepare soon, Why don't you send New Year's cards and New Year's gifts with Gamo Japanese paper this year? Japan Heritage "Town where samurai lived in Satsuma" ~Walking around the samurai residences at the foot of the mountain~ ⋆*Gamou's Paper Making⋆* There are various products such as small bags, postcards, and celebration bags! We also recommend Sola Gyu for New Year's drinks (be careful not to drink too much). ▶ Continue here

Aira’s pottery “Red Kiln” for a limited time

How nice! 0 #Kusunoyu in Gamo Town The first Chinese cabbage of the season has arrived at the commissary. It's a big deal for this time of year. I asked the farmers in Kitayama early, so they grew splendidly. And from today, new Aira attractive products have appeared for a limited time. #Red Kiln This is a pottery product in Ikeshima Town. Speaking of Aira, #Ryumonji ware is famous, but there are quite a few other potteries. One of them is the red kiln. Cute fish full of originality are impressive. When you go to Kusunoyu, be sure to take a look at the store. ▶ Aira City Tourism Association

Kagoshima Blown Glass Works Exhibition

How nice! 0 "Kagoshima blown glass works exhibition" will be held. Eriko Ide Etsuko Hiraizumi Hidehiro Hiraizumi Hiroaki Miyazawa Yutaka Morinaga The exhibition specializes in blown glass. Would you like to have a gift for your loved ones ~? [Date and time] Sunday, December 18, 2022 to Tuesday, January 10, 2023 *Closed on Mondays and 1/1 (open on 1/9) *Lunch reservations are not accepted during the event period. *Please wear a mask when visiting. [Hours] 11:00-18:00 (until 17:00 on the last day) [Place] Japanese paper gallery (2409-2 Kusue, Gamo-cho, Aira City) [Inquiries] 0995-52-8993 (Washi Gallery) [Detailed URL] http://washi-gallery.sakura.ne.jp/

Geo Cafe/Geo Course in Aira City

How nice! 0 Kusunoki Nature Museum is recruiting participants for three events. It is good opportunity to be able to learn geological geology of Aira-shi. ①Geo Lecture in Aira City "Beppu River Fossils" [Date and time] Saturday, December 10, 2022 13:30-16:00 [Participation fee] 1,000 yen / person [Recruitment number] 15 people [Lecturer] Kimihiko Ohki, Professor Emeritus, Kagoshima University [Meeting place] Shigetomi Coast Nature Fureaikan Nagisa Museum [Things to prepare] Boots or torso boots, clothes that can get dirty, drinks, sweets, towels, writing utensils, etc. [Contact] 0995-67-6042 / sanka@kusunokishizenkan.com (NPO Kusunoki Nature Museum) ② Geocafe in Aira City “Visit Ryumonji ware” [Date and time] Saturday, January 21, 2023 13:30-15:30 [Participation fee] […]

The 41st Ryumonji Pottery Festival

How nice! 0 "The 41st Ryumonji Pottery Festival" will be held. 20% off all items Lucky bag & lottery Children's ceramic art exhibition Special product sales Please go out. [Date and time] December 09, 2022 (Friday) to December 18, 2022 (Sunday) [Time] 9:00-17:00 [Place] Ryumonji ware company association (5940 Oyamada, Kajikicho, Aira City) [Inquiry] 0995-62-2549 (Ryumonji ware company association) [Detailed URL] http://ryumonjiyaki.jp/

Notice of change of parking lot

How nice! 0 Aira City Tourism Association/Aira City Tourist Information Center The parking lot has changed from today. Please note that the existing parking lot is not available. The new location is on the left side of the ticket gate at JR Chosa Station . It is an image of turning left on the way around the rotary . For the time being, please park at the place with the "sky" sign. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Autumn leaves of Gamo Hachiman Shrine

How nice! 0 The ginkgo was also colored, and a little yellow carpet was made with the leaves of Sapindus around it✨ The best time to see is always around the beginning of December🍁 I think ginkgo will be just that much. Please take a break tomorrow♪ ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center

Shigetomi Beach “COCOCOLOR”

How nice! 0 This is an event announcement. An event (marche) called "COCOCOLOR" will be held at Shigetomi Beach. [Date and Time] Sunday, November 27, 9:00-15:00 [Place] Shigetomi Beach [Opening] 16 stores ▶ Continue here Please come by all means!

Rice paddy golf tournament♪

How nice! 0 A rice paddy golf tournament will be held in Kitayama. Would you like to have a rare experience of playing golf in the rice fields? [Date and time] Sunday, December 4th, rain or shine [Participation fee] 1,000 yen / person (lunch and insurance included) [Participation qualification] People over 10 years old who can swing either PW, SW or 9 for adults [Recruitment number] 80 people (20 groups) [Application method] Google form or phone [Deadline] November 27 [Reception starts] 8:00- [Opening ceremony] 8:30- [Start] 9:00- [Meeting place] Clubhouse (Kitayama District Nakakoshiki Village) *About 2 km from Kitayama Elementary School (marked) [Inquiries] 0995-68-0511 (Kitayama Precinct Community Council/Mon, Wed, Thu […]