[Aira City Lifelong Learning Course]

How nice! 0 -Enjoy the purpose of life and enjoy life in the lifelong learning course! ~ In Aira City, we have established the Aira City Lifelong Learning Course for the purpose of creating a purpose of life and enjoying a rich life, and also for the purpose of providing opportunities for new encounters and making friends. We are recruiting students for the 3rd year of Reiwa Lifelong Learning Course in Aira City. In addition to this time, we plan to announce the courses starting in September (about 10 short-term courses) in the July issue of "Public Relations Aira". * The content and implementation period may change depending on the […]

[Soba noodles with a fragrant hometown]

How nice! 0 Beloved local long-established store The new name of the 4th generation owner of the soba restaurant "Niina" humbly says, "I'm still training." Although it is a long-established store founded in 1945, it is devoted to researching soba noodles. Located in the center of the city of Gamo-cho and loved by the locals for a long time, "Niina" has been introduced in town magazines and in-flight magazines of aircraft, and is visited by many tourists from outside the prefecture and abroad. Ayu dashi soba Ayu-dashi soba, which is rare in the prefecture, is popular. The sweetfish used for dashi is caught by the owner himself in the Beppu […]

[Aira City Fire Department Headquarters Rescue Tournament]

How nice! 0 On April 26, an in-station rescue tournament was held at the Aira City Fire Department. Rescue techniques were competed in events such as obstacle breakthrough, salvage rescue, and Hofuku rescue, and the representative team to participate in the Kagoshima Prefecture Fire Rescue Technical Guidance Meeting to be held in May was decided. In the future, we will continue to train and aim for the Kyushu and national competitions, and through the training, we will work on daily training so that we can act quickly, safely and reliably at all disaster sites. ▶ Aira City Home Page

[Mayor’s message (April 28)]

How nice! 0 [Full text of the mayor's message regarding the new coronavirus infection] The government has issued the third state of emergency for new coronavirus infections. The period is from April 25th to May 11th, 3rd year of Reiwa, and the areas are Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo prefectures. In light of the increasing number of people infected with mutant strains, we will take measures to curb the flow of people and take thorough infection prevention measures. Kagoshima Prefecture and Aira City are not covered areas, but we must once again take measures with a sense of crisis in order to prevent the spread of infection. Although it is […]

[Tell me! It is transmitted! Guide class]

How nice! 0 Think about what is important for an attractive guide through the "How to Make a Guide Program" workshop. It is a content that can be used for "hospitality" in your favorite things and places! Elephant: People over 18 years old who live in Kagoshima City, Hioki City, Ichikikushikino City, Aira City, or commute to Kagoshima City For details, please refer to the Kagoshima Museum of the Environment Miraikan website. ▶ Kagoshima Museum of the Environment Miraikan Event

[Renge no Sato “Honey”]

How nice! 0 In Aira, there are many scenery that you can enjoy each season. "Nanohana" along the Hikiyama River in Kajiki Town in February, "Hanamomo no Sato" in Tactile Field in March, "Moss Phlox" in Gamo in April, and "Renge" on Kitayama this time. Why don't you take in the natural air outdoors while avoiding the denseness? With Golden Week just around the corner, this year's goodwill is really beautiful. And speaking of Renge, "honey" We were able to harvest 100% pure goodwill honey this year as well, although the quantity is limited. It will be on sale at the "Renge Festival" from Saturday, May 1st. .. It will […]

[Traffic regulations associated with the torch relay]

How nice! 0 We will inform you from Aira City. The torch relay will be held in Aira City on April 27th (Tuesday). with this, Traffic regulation will be carried out as follows on a part of Route 10. .. Roads are expected to be congested on the day of the event, so please cooperate by detouring when using a car. [Regulation time] 15:00 to 17:00 [Regulated location] From National Route 10 Morinan intersection, near the HOTEL AZ Kagoshima Aira intersection (2 lanes on each side for Kagoshima) and around the city hall ▽ Aira City Homepage ▽ Top > Administration / Assembly > City Basic Information / Population > […]

[Information transmission training using J-Alert]

How nice! 0 From the outdoor speakers of all disaster prevention administrative radios in the city J-Alert test broadcast will be played .. Day and time: Around 11:00 am on Wednesday, May 19, 3rd year of Reiwa broadcast content: ♪ Ping Pong Pan Pong (Up) This is the disaster prevention Aira City Hall. This is a J-Alert test. (Repeat 3 times) This is the disaster prevention Aira City Hall. ♪ Ping Pong Pan Pong (down) ▶ Aira City Home Page

[About change of GW business day] Aira City Onsen Center Kusu no Yu

How nice! 0 About change of business day by Golden Week Open daily from Thursday, April 29th to Wednesday, May 5th. The museum will be temporarily closed on Thursday, May 6th. I'm burning a bath with firewood! At Kusu-no-Yu, in order to make white water (shirayu) used in the main bath and shower, a boiler for boiling natural water was installed, which used to be a heavy oil boiler, but fuel cost reduction and carbon dioxide emission reduction From the viewpoint of reducing the environmental load and promoting the use of thinned wood to contribute to the forestry industry and promote employment, we have been using woody biomass boilers that […]