Now accepting reservations for Sumiyoshiike Park Camping Village!

Thank you for calling to make a reservation 😊 Sumiyoshiike Park Camping Village❗️🏕️ We are now accepting reservations🌿 The stars are so beautiful at night!! The staff is impressed every year. The stars are so beautiful at night!! Even the staff member I is moved by them every year. Please come to Gamou this summer! Gamo Tourism Exchange Center:

Handmade Caravan in Kusunoyu

Kagoshima Children's Workshop Handmade Caravan in Kusunoyu The event will be held on Saturday, August 3rd and Sunday, August 4th. Why not try participating in a handmade workshop with your children during the summer holidays? There is also a slump rally where you can get a prize if you collect four stamps during the workshop experience. After you've tired yourself out, relax in the hot springs.

Tokimeki Aira now streaming on YouTube

Tokimeki Aira 3rd broadcast: June 6, 2024 The third broadcast of Tokimeki Aira has been uploaded to YouTube. Please watch and subscribe to the channel m( _ _ )m YouTube▶ Aira City Tourism Association:

Tourist Volunteer Guide Association Fixed Point Guide

Regular guided tours run by the Aira City Volunteer Tourist Guide Association It's the season when we start to worry about the weather, but on sunny days it's nice to stroll around the beautiful places in Aira. Please make use of our fixed point guide. The schedule for June is as follows: [Yamada Arc de Triomphe Fixed Point Guide] June 1st (Sat) 10:00-12:30 June 1st (Sat) 14:00-16:30 June 9th (Sun) 14:00-16:30 June 15 (Sat) 10:00-12:30 June 22 (Sat) 10:00-12:30 [Kajiki Ryumonjizaka Fixed Point Guide] Sunday 13:00-15:00 [Gamo Okusu Fixed Point Guide] Sundays and holidays: 10:00-12:30, 12:30-15:00 *This is a fixed point guide. There is no walking guide. *Please note that […]

Kanako Ozaki presents “Singing Cafe Tomoshibi”

The second "Kanako Ozaki's Singing Cafe Tomoshibi" will be held on Tuesday, June 25th. This is an event where you can have a good time singing nostalgic Showa era pop songs and folk songs together. If you like singing, why not come and join us? Aira City Tourism Association:

June 2nd is the day to head to the Daikusu Marche!

This coming Sunday, June 2nd, the "Dai Kusu Marche" will be held at the Gamou Tourism Exchange Center. The parking lot at the Gamo Tourist Exchange Center will not be available on the day . Please use the two temporary parking lots in the vicinity. [Temporary parking lot] The former site of Gamo Kindergarten near the Gamo Elementary School pool Okunuki Sports Park Ball Field What is Daikusu Marche? This market brings together a wide variety of shops, workshops, and bakeries! There will also be booths set up by high school students! Fire engines, ambulances, police cars, and motorcycles are scheduled to be present in the morning (though they may […]

Hidden gem “Sagiri Shrine”

Sagiri Shrine and Shirogane Park in the Hiramatsu area There are lots of hydrangeas around the area. With permission from the local community, the number of plants has increased and now boasts 3,000. You can also enjoy the hydrangeas planted along the stream next to the shrine. Our energetic staff member 😄 once found a heart-shaped hydrangea here ( ´﹀` ) Please enjoy it in various ways. This was the flowering situation at a hidden spot🚗³₃ ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center