“Seasonal” “Kajhara pudding”

How nice! 0 "Kajhara Pudding", a member of the Tourism Association. A new product that you can enjoy the taste of this autumn, the name "Monpurin" is now available! It's seasonal. Please enjoy the taste of the season as soon as possible. This product will be introduced on Saturday, 26th at KKB's Planavi +. * The article was reprinted on September 24th. All members of the association, please send us seasonal information.

《Aira City Fire Department》 AIRA Furusato Challenger

How nice! 0 [1st AIRA Furusato Challenger] At the Aira Community Center in the morning of Saturday, September 17, 2nd year of Reiwa, by carrying out various activities by groups of different ages, we cultivate cooperation, independence and positivity, and pride and attachment to our hometown. The AIRA Furusato Challenger was held in collaboration with the Social Education Division with the aim of training strong youth leaders who will be responsible for the future of Aira City. This time, the first time, HUG (evacuation center management game) for 31 elementary school students in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, led by Aira City Junior Leaders (junior high and high school […]

“Chosa Yamate Walking” application has started.

How nice! 0 "Let's walk! Aira" "Chosa Yamate Walking" will be held on October 25th (Sun). We are currently accepting applications. Chosa Yamate Walking Date and time: Sunday, October 25, 9:00 to 12:00 Capacity: 30 people Participation fee: 300 yen (100 yen for elementary school students and younger) Gathering: Hanazonoteraato Parking Lot (775 Nabekura, Aira City) Application: Aira City Tourism Association Secretariat ☎0995-67-6052 Deadline: October 22 (Thursday) * If the capacity is reached before this date, the deadline will be reached. Organized by: Aira City Tourism Volunteer Guide Meeting ▶ Contact us

Hoiku Information Service (Recruitment of childcare workers, waiting children, etc.)

How nice! 0 Supporting employment and reinstatement! We are delivering work information such as nursery schools Aira City is the only municipality in the mainland of the prefecture where the population is increasing, but on the other hand, the increase in waiting-list children is also an issue. As one of the measures, we are working to secure the shortage of childcare workers. "I want to work at a nursery school!" "I'm interested in a nursery school" In order to support the employment and reinstatement of everyone, we will send information about nursery schools in the city by "Hoiku Information Service". In addition to this page, it is also distributed by […]

《Aira City Fire Department》 Thorough measures against energized fires

How nice! 0 If a power outage occurs due to flood damage, please take the following measures. During a power outage, switch off the electrical equipment and disconnect the power plug from the outlet. Drop the breaker when leaving your home for evacuation. When re-energizing, make sure that the electrical equipment is not damaged due to water leakage, the wiring and cords are not damaged, and that there are no flammable items nearby before using the electrical equipment. thing. Even if there is no apparent damage to the building or electrical equipment, a fire may occur after a long time has passed since the re-energization due to damage to the […]

《Aira City Fire Brigade Newcomer Training》

How nice! 0 On September 20th (Sun), we held a training session for new members of the Aira City Fire Brigade in the 2nd year of Reiwa. This training is conducted for fire brigade members within 3 years after joining the team for the purpose of acquiring basic knowledge and necessary abilities as fire brigade members. The main contents were discipline training, equipment handling training, safety management and water discharge training, etc. for each army at the Central Fire Department, Aira Branch Office, and Gamo Branch Office. While giving consideration to measures against the new coronavirus and heat stroke, the members received guidance from the staff and worked hard on […]

《Spice Curry Cuisine and Craft Beer Association》 Kagoshima peach flavor is now available

How nice! 0 How about a new beer from noon? ?? Beer from noon is happy ~ (* ´ω ` *) Must-see for those who haven't seen a new beer recently (must-drink!) A completely new beer scented with peach flavor from Ash Head Brewery! Now that the taste that was just completed in early September has become a little cooler, how about as a revenge for cherry blossom viewing? ♪ There are only a few seats left in the lunch section! It's still in time now ♪ By all means! Please make a reservation ♪ ▶ Event introduction page ▶ Click here for reservation * Those who are planning to […]

《“A magical sheet that couples can really talk to”》

How nice! 0 Gender equality because of such times Due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus, events and events have been canceled and opportunities to go out are decreasing. Have you been at home all day with your family, for example, having to prepare three meals, clean and wash your clothes? Also take care of children and those in need of long-term care. It is said that sharing the methods of housework and reviewing the current situation helped to change the way of working and the division of roles within the family. At times like this, let's work together to overcome it. ▶ Cabinet Office "A magical […]

Let’s walk! Aira “Chosa Yamate Walking”

How nice! 0 It will be held after a long time. Let's walk! Aira "Chosa Yamate Walking" Date and time: Sunday, October 25, 9:00 to 12:00 Gathering: Hanazonoteraato Parking Lot (775 Nabekura, Aira City) Capacity: 30 people Participation fee: 300 yen (100 yen for elementary school students and younger) Organized by: Aira City Tourism Volunteer Guide Meeting Acceptance: September 22nd to October 22nd 【Application】 One company) Aira City Tourism Association Phone: 0995-67-6052 * It may be canceled depending on the situation of the new coronavirus. Please be aware in advance.