《Aira City PR video has been uploaded》

How nice! 0 Aira City is located in the center of Kagoshima Prefecture. Ai Nishida from Aira City will tell you about the charm of the city. * We recommend watching with earphones / headphones so that you can enjoy the charm of videos and sounds to the fullest. ▶ YouTube [Aira no Oto] #Aira City #Ai Nishida #ASMR

《Notice of the 2nd My Number Business Trip Consultation Meeting》

How nice! 0 We will hold a business trip counseling session for those who cannot apply for the Individual Number Card due to work or childcare. Please drop in when you go out or shop. * You need to come to the city hall to receive your Individual Number Card. Date and time: February 26th (Friday) -28th (Sunday) 11:00 am to 7:00 pm Place: Aeon Town Aira West Block 1st floor Forest Court On the day, we will take a free face photo required for applying for My Number Card. If you have an Individual Number Notification Card, please bring it with you. You can also apply for minor points. […]

<> We have posted the Reiwa 2nd year calendar.

How nice! 0 Aira City collects and disposes of four types of household waste: combustible waste [yellow bag], non-combustible waste [red bag], recyclables, and oversized waste. After confirming the discharge method of each garbage, let's discharge according to the rules. Place and date and time to discharge garbage ▶ How to put out combustible waste ▶ How to dispose of resources and non-burnable garbage ▶ How to put out oversized garbage Aira City Life Calendar / Reiwa 3rd Year Edition ▶ Aira district (PDF: 3,153KB) ▶ Kajiki district (PDF: 3,166KB) ▶ Gamo district (PDF: 2,964KB) For more information City homepage Please refer to.

<< Implemented "Night Aira Footpath" verification project >>

How nice! 0 The weather was snowy in the morning, but it recovered by night, and I walked to the illuminated Ryumon Falls, the footlighted Tatsumonjizaka, and the Takakura Viewing Platform where the night view spreads. In the future, I would like to repeat the verification and connect it to the leisure development at night. It was also featured on KKB Kagoshima Broadcasting. ▶ Aira Footpath


How nice! 0 Aira Drive Coupon "Sweets & Gourmet" Select Gourmet site OPEN where you can experience the virtual experience of the store! ▶ AIRA-DRIVE COUPON When you access the store you are interested in, you can experience the inside and outside of the store virtually. In addition, it is full of valuable information such as getting coupons that can be used at stores. * Each store and coupon can be used until May 31, 3rd year of Reiwa (Monday). [Listed stores] N & N 266-2 Kamouchokita, Aira City 2445-8 Nishimochida, Aira City Kajiki-an 11 Shinseicho, Kajiki-cho, Aira-shi Kajihara Pudding 937-1 Nishimochida, Aira City Grilled meat of Yamasaki 3413-17 Nishimochida, […]


How nice! 0 Aira City is also looking for fire brigade members. If you would like to join, please contact the following. Aira City Fire Department Headquarters Security Division Fire Department Section 0995-63-3820 Kagoshima Prefectural Office [Firefighting team PR video "IZA! Firefighting team" has been released] A fire brigade that protects local life and the safety and security of the town. In order to disseminate the activities and charm of the fire brigade, we produced a PR video "IZA! Fire brigade". The video highlights two young members of Kagoshima City and Ichikikushikino City, and introduces their daily lives and their activities as members of the fire brigade. Please take a […]

《Reiwa 2nd year Aira City Fire Department Fire Department Staff Opinion Presentation》

How nice! 0 On January 29th (Friday), 3rd year of Reiwa, the Aira City Fire Department Fire Department Staff Opinion Presentation was held at the Aira City Gamo Public Hall Large Hall. At this recital, the firefighters of the Aira City Fire Department will freely make presentations on what they felt through their work and issues that they should tackle, in order to further improve their knowledge and raise their awareness of various issues in firefighting work. .. This time, a total of four representatives from each station participated. The highest award winner is Junmitsu Noboru, a firefighter from the Central Fire Department. The runner-up award winner was Yusuke Sakoda, […]

<< About sending application form of my number card >>

How nice! 0 Currently, the government is sending applications for My Number Cards to those who do not have My Number Cards. The sender is from the "Japan Agency for Local Authority Information Systems", an organization entrusted by the government. When applying for the Individual Number Card, please use the application form that you received. We have sent (or will send) the grant application to the following people at another time, so we have not sent it this time. ・ Persons aged 75 and over (We plan to send a mailing application form when renewing the health insurance card of the medical system for the elderly) ・ Those who were […]