4th year of Reiwa Aira City Coming-of-age ceremony (planned)

How nice! 0 We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to everyone who welcomes Coming-of-Age Day, a major milestone in life. In Aira City, we will hold the "Reiwa 4th Year Aira City Coming-of-Age Ceremony" as follows. The coming-of-age ceremony is a ceremony to rejoice at the age of 20 with many friends and to realize that we have grown up. We look forward to your attendance. * To get contact information for measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases, etc. Pre-registration required to participate is. * For details, please see the invitation letter scheduled to be shipped in early October. * If you do not receive the invitation even […]

cluster amaryllis

How nice! 0 I received several inquiries (^-^) I have seen the neighborhood 🚗‼ ️ As a result, the most beautiful road may be the road from Yonemaru to Route 42. .. .. ▶ For more information Gamo Tourism Exchange Center What!

Kinko Bay Cleanup Strategy / Autumn

How nice! 0 We will carry out the "Kinko Bay Cleanup Operation" (autumn section) on the Wakimoto and Susaki coasts to clean up the coast in various parts of the Kinko Bay coast. In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infectious diseases, the city will be held on a smaller scale, such as not holding an opening ceremony. Date and time: October 16, 2021 (Saturday) 8:00 to October 16, 2021 (Saturday) 9:00 * Canceled in case of rain (We will inform you on the city's homepage, disaster prevention administrative radio, and disaster prevention email at 6:30 am on the day of the event.) * It may be canceled […]

“Site of Iwatsurugi and Osumi Battle” & # 038; “Site of Iwatsurugi”

How nice! 0 450th Anniversary Lecture "Iwatsurugi Castle and Osumi Battle" after Takahisa Shimazu's Death / "Iwatsurugi Castle Tour" with Tour Guide 450th Anniversary Lecture "Site of Iwatsurugi and Osumi Battle" after Takahisa Shimazu's death Iwatsurugi Castle is famous for the fact that Yoshihisa Shimazu, Yoshihiro, and Toshihisa made their first appearance at the behest of Takahisa Shimazu. A lecture on the theme of the battle will be held! Visitors will receive a gift of "Kajiki Manju", a sweet related to Yoshihiro, and original goods. "Iwatsurugi Castle Tour" with tour guide This is a mountain walking tour that takes you to the site of Iwatsurugi Castle, which was the stage […]

Normal business from September 14th (Tuesday)

How nice! 0 Aira City Tourist Information Center Open normally from September 14th (Tuesday) The museum was temporarily closed from August 20th (Friday) to September 12th (Sunday) due to priority measures such as prevention of spread, but it will be open normally from September 14th (Tuesday). However, please refrain from using the service if you are outside the prefecture or if you have moved across the prefectural border within two weeks. Please check here for restrictions on the use of municipal facilities. ▶ List of restrictions on the use of municipal facilities

Takeout specialty store opened

How nice! 0 This is the kitchen Yamasaki! Tomorrow September 10th 11: 00-We will open a takeout specialty store at Yamasaki's Yakiniku Aobadai store ✨ You can use it safely because we have taken thorough measures against corona. We look forward to many visits! !! ▶ Yamasaki's Yakiniku Aobadai store ▶ Aira City Tourism Association

About fraudulent phone calls

How nice! 0 We will inform you from the Gender Equality Division. Today, in Aira City, a police officer said, "I arrested a fraudulent group and found that your account was involved. I have to freeze my account. Do I have a cash card?" There have been a series of suspicious phone calls trying to find out the existence of a cash card, PIN, and deposit balance. Police officers and financial institution staff never talk to you over the phone to keep money or cash cards, ask for your PIN, and so on. Suspect that talking about money over the phone is a "scam", hang up immediately and talk to […]

Aira’s taro shochu CF reaches the target amount in one day!

How nice! 0 Kagoshima / Aira Sake Brewery, Support Purchase of Taro Shochu CF Achievement of target amount in one day Kagoshima / Aira's "Nikka Whiskey Satsumaji Distillery" (Kajiki-cho, Aira City) started a support purchase project for taro shochu on the crowdfunding site "Makuake" on August 24, with a target amount of 500,000 on the same day. Achieved a yen. Click here for the continuation of the article ▶ Kagoshima Keizai Shimbun https://kagoshima.keizai.biz/headline/1927/ Site Overview: Wide Area Kagoshima Business & Culture News