《Recruitment of Municipal Housing Residents (Receiving at any time) Updated on February 3》

Please submit the application form along with the household status report, personal number consent form, and other matters (a copy of your health insurance card, a written commitment to marriage, etc.).

    Municipal housing recruitment property list (PDF: 446KB) (As of February 3, 3rd year of Reiwa)

In addition, if you have an address outside the city of Kura, you can get a residence certificate (home address, first person's name), income certificate (latest one), city tax, etc. (municipal tax, property tax, light vehicle tax, citizens). It is also necessary to submit a tax payment certificate for 2019 (health insurance tax, long-term care insurance premium and medical insurance premium for the elderly) or a certificate without delinquency such as city tax.

    A copy of the resident's card, various certificates, and insurance card is required for all applicants.
    In addition, please contact us as some documents may be required depending on the household situation.
    As a general rule, housing will be rented as it is. You can preview the properties that are being recruited. Keys are rented out at the counter in charge of the area where the house is located (Aira, Kajiki, Kamou), so please bring your seal (seal) and one that can verify your identity (driver's license, etc.).

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