Fire brigade training in conjunction with the spring national fire prevention campaign

On Sunday, February 25, 2020, fire brigade training was held at each station of the Aira City Fire Department headquarters in conjunction with the 2020 Spring National Fire Prevention Campaign. This training is conducted for the purpose of improving the fire department's ability to respond to fires. When a fire breaks out, the Aira City Fire Brigade trains hard every day because not only the standing fire department but also the power of the fire brigade is essential. The Aira City Fire Brigade will continue to strive to improve the disaster prevention capabilities of the region through daily training. The Aira City Fire Brigade is looking for people to work […]

Video transmission system “Live119” demonstration experiment started

What is the video transmission system “Live119”? This is a new service that allows more accurate information to be conveyed in real time by adding video to a regular 119 call. Video footage of the disaster scene taken by callers can be checked in real time by fire dispatchers, who can then send videos of first aid procedures, helping speed up on-site operations. (When calling 119, if the fire dispatcher deems it necessary, we may ask for your cooperation in transmitting video using Live119) The use of this service is based on the premise that the safety of the whistleblower is ensured. Once a safe environment has been confirmed, a […]

Ginger syrup grown in Gamo

It was a little chilly on the last day of the holidays. On such a day, we recommend hot chai, mulled wine <br /> Ginger syrup, which can be enjoyed in various ways♡ Hinamatsuri will be held early next week 🎎🍡🌸 The Chosa doll dolls are also wonderful. You can use bamboo shoots boiled in tsukudani as a base for Shichirashi sushi 🍀*゜ ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center

Kajiki specialty “Hatsuichi”

Kajiki's specialty "Hatsuichi" will be held on March 2nd (Sat) and 3rd (Sun)! ! There are about 200 shops lined up mainly on Kamoda Street and Hayama Street. There will be stage shows, local specialty product booths, the famous wood market, and more! Also, on the day of the event, a special stage will be set up in the Kagoshima Shinkin Bank Kajiki Branch parking lot! Enjoy various stage performances! Please come to Kajiki's first market on March 2nd and 3rd! ! ▶ Aira City Tourism Association Instagram

Aira Spring Festival ~Children’s Expo for the whole family to enjoy~

The flyer for "The 2nd Aira Spring Festival ~Children's Expo for Families to Enjoy~" scheduled to be held on March 24th (Sunday) has been completed. The bright pink color of this flyer is eye-catching! This is the second time this event has been held, following last year. Even more upgraded this year! ! A huge maze and BIG air balloon will appear! In addition, working cars, work experience booths, marche, kitchen cars, and COCOCOLOR will also be held at the same time! On March 24th, go to Aira Spring Festival! ! ▶ Aira City Tourism Association

Shirakane Regular Mail Spring/Summer Edition

~A year where you can feel the seasons with shochu~ Shirogane Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Representative Director: Akiko Takenouchi) will be holding a [Shirakane Regular Delivery] at Ishigura Museum in February 2024. Up until now, we have been selling various types of shochu in limited quantities according to the season, but from time to time we have received feedback from customers such as “They were sold out and we couldn't buy them'' or “We missed the timing.'' –I have heard comments such as: Therefore, if it is sold at the online shop directly managed by Shirokane Sake Brewery, it will be available as [Shirakane regular […]

Aira Fresh Morning Market

Aira Fresh Morning Market [Date] Sunday, February 4, 2024 [Holding time] From 8:00 a.m. [Venue] Kajiki Port ■Inquiries: 0995-63-2295 Aira City Specialty Products Association A wide selection of fresh fish, vegetables, and specialty products! Amazake will be served! A stamp rally was also held. [Scheduled to open stores] Members of the Specialty Products Association, Kinkai Branch of the Prefectural Fisheries Association, JA Organic Committee, etc. [Co-sponsor] Prefectural Fisheries Association Kinkai Branch/JA Organic Subcommittee The next morning market is scheduled for Sunday, April 7th. *Canceled on March 3rd (Sunday) due to Kajiki First Market. Please come and visit Hatsuichi.

We have naked barley products!

Some customers come to visit us in between their tours of Aira City. They were introduced to bare barley, which boasts the highest yield in Kagoshima Prefecture, and they purchased products made from bare barley, such as soft-shelled turtle barley. We also sell ice packs and cold bags for gyoza😊 Go ahead and use it, please ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center

Gamo High School Newsletter No. 4

Gamo High School Newsletter No. 4 has arrived. About the 2nd grade school trip and the 76th Okusu Festival It also introduces information on high school life, including career path information for third-year students. Please take a look. ▶ Click here for pdf Gamo High School Newsletter