Cherry Blossom Flowering Status 🌸 Aira City

nice! 0 Gamo Shiroyama Park full bloom 🌸 Furusato Park in full bloom 🌸 Sumiyoshi Pond in full bloom 🌸 Gamo Hachiman Shrine in full bloom🌸 Kajiki Seiko Shrine blooms for 5 minutes 🌸 Takaoka Park 2 minutes in bloom (parking lot in full bloom) The Gamo area has begun to bloom all at once For cherry blossom viewing 😊🌸🍡 By all means♪

Gamo “Large Kusmarche”

nice! 0 This is an announcement of the event held on April 16th. "Large Kusu Marche" will be held. ~ 25 miscellaneous goods stores gathered in Gamo! ~ [Date and time] Sunday, April 16, 2023 [Time] 10:00-16:00 [Place] Gamo Tourism Exchange Center parking lot (2308-1 Kamikyutoku, Gamo-cho, Aira City) [Inquiries] 0995-52-0748 (Gamou Tourism Exchange Center) *You cannot use the Gamo Tourism Exchange Center parking lot on the day. *Please use the temporary parking lot (Gamou General Branch, Gamo Kindergarten site).

“Traces of history told by dialects Dialects are witnesses to history”

nice! 0 Information about the lecture. Kajiki Town Development Council 22nd Commemorative Lecture "Traces of history told by dialects Dialects are witnesses to history" You might be able to learn the relationship between Kagoshima dialect and history. [Date and time] April 1, 2023 (Sat) 15:00- [Entrance fee] Free [place] Kajiki welfare center the first floor meeting room [Sponsorship] Aira City Board of Education, Aira City Tourism Volunteer Guide Association, Aira History Discussion Association, Kajiki History Discussion Association, Aira City Cultural Association [Contact] 0995-63-0364

Gamo Shirao Shibazakura Festival

nice! 0 The Shirao Shibazakura Festival is held here. Please go out. [Date and time] Sunday, April 9, 2023 *In case of rain, the event will be postponed to Sunday, April 16th. [Time] 10:00-13:00 [Place] Shibazakura Garden "Flower Forest Kamon Shirao" [Entrance fee] Free Organizer: Shibazakura Festival Executive Committee Co-sponsored by: Gamo Senior Citizens Club and owner of a part of the garden

Prince Yoshihiro Shimazu Sakura Festival “Senwa Banquet”

nice! 0 Prince Yoshihiro Shimazu Cherry Blossom Festival Senwaen will be held! We will hold a cherry-blossom viewing event “Senwa-en” where you can enjoy gourmet food, attractions, stages, outdoor tea ceremony, workshops, etc. This is a new cherry-blossom viewing party in memory of Yoshihiro Shimazu, a Sengoku military commander who is related to Aira. ▶ Details Flyer (PDF) check!

“The 11th Aira Welfare Festival”

nice! 0 "The 11th Aira Welfare Festival" will be held. In addition to lectures, performances, exhibitions and hands-on events, there seems to be a lottery. Please go out. [Date and time] Sunday, March 19, 2023 11:00-16:00 (Hall event 12:30-) [Venue] Aira Public Hall (589 Nishimochida, Aira City) [Admission fee] Free [Organizer] Social Welfare Corporation Aira City Council of Social Welfare [Support] Aira City Aira City Board of Education [Contact] 0995-65-7757 ▶ Aira City Tourism Association

“Cherry Blossom Festival in Kitayama Precinct”

nice! 0 This is an event announcement. "Cherry blossom festival of Kitayama precinct" is held. ~Treasure the connection with people while viewing cherry blossoms~ There is no doubt that you can enjoy the kitchen car, sales, lottery, etc. [Date and time] March 26, 2023 (Sun) 10:00- [Venue] Aira City Folk Performing Arts Museum (Parking lot: Kofuen ruins in front of Kitayama Clinic) [Entrance fee] Free [sponsorship] Kitayama precinct community meeting [Inquiries] 0995-68-0511 (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 10:00 to 17:00) ▶ Aira City Tourism Association

Kagoshima Marathon 2023 Thank you for your hard work!! ️

nice! 0 We opened a store in the hospitality square for three days ~(^-^) Blessed with the weather!! ️ Get interested in Aira City❗️ Thank you very much❗️ Dear runners 🏃 Executive Committee members!! ️ Dear stalls!! ️ Really Thank you for your hard work~👏🏃👏🏃👏🏃👏🏃 ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center

Today is Hinamatsuri♪

nice! 0 The Chosa doll Hina dolls from the Gamo Tourism Exchange Center are also the main characters today. Well this weekend is finally here Kagoshima Marathon 2023 At the "hospitality square" set up at the venue, there are a large number of booths selling Kagoshima gourmet and specialty products! There is also a booth in Aira City 😊 ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center