Akihonami from Gamo Town “Okomen”

How nice! 0 It may be now, but Rice noodles are now on sale at tourist information centers. It is gluten-free, so even those with wheat allergies can enjoy the texture of the noodles. This season is good for the end of the hot pot. In addition, clams and tomato soup Pasta-style rice noodles Egg-cooked rice noodles We also have recommended recipes created by Motomura Farm. In addition, there are Aira product, black jewel cloud ear mushroom, golden bamboo shoot, etc. And only on Saturdays and Sundays, the bakery in the city is in stock. come see, buy Click here for more photos ▶ Aira City Tourism Association

This month’s Gamogo Times!? ️ ~Nanohana Road~

How nice! 0 TJ Kagoshima released every month📚️ Chocolate 🍫 feature is irresistible for chocolate-loving staff 💛 When you go through the pages while being excited❗️ [Gamogo Times] There is ~. We will inform you about the charm of Aira City, events, etc. as soon as possible 🎵 *TJ Kagoshima is also on sale at the exchange center ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center

Recruitment of performers for “Aira Spring Festival”!

How nice! 0 "Aira Spring Festival" will be held at Beeline Sports Park Aira. We are looking for groups and individuals who can appear on the stage of the gymnasium. If you are interested, please let us know by DM. * The executive committee will decide whether or not to participate. Please enter first. ▶ Aira City Tourism Association

“Satsuma Oidon Cup” opens on 2/23!

How nice! 0 The Satsuma Oidon Cup will be held. It is an exchange battle that goes beyond the boundaries of universities, working people, and professionals. [Holding period] February 23 (Thursday/holiday) – March 12 (Sunday) [Match venue] Heiwa Lease Baseball Stadium @ Kagoshima City Satsumasendai City Sports Park Baseball Stadium @ Satsumasendai City Ijuin Sports Park Baseball Stadium @ Hioki City Beeline Sports Park Aira Baseball Stadium @ Aira City [Organizer] Satsuma Oidon Cup Executive Committee (Support: Kagoshima Prefecture, Kagoshima City, Satsumasendai City, Hioki City, Aira City) 【detail】 https://oidon-cup.com/ In Aira City, it seems that a match between Toyota Motor Corporation and Asia University will be held on February 23 […]

Recruitment of “my pride exhibition” participants!

How nice! 0 At the Aira City Cultural Center Kaon Hall, the current lobby exhibition plan "My Pride Exhibition" We are looking for participants. A work exhibition space will be set up in the opening lobby as a place for everyone who is engaged in creative activities to announce their first product. Participation is free. The participants will be responsible for the layout of the exhibition on their own. Any type of work, such as paintings, photographs, calligraphy, or handmade works, is acceptable as long as it can be displayed on panels and long desks. Please use it as a place to announce and advertise your own creative activities. ▶ […]

“Audio & Jazz” LIVE

How nice! 0 This is a notice from Seven Plaza Aira, a member of the Tourist Association. "Audio & JAZZ" LIVE will be held. Cast: Kanako Ozaki Quartet, Technics Yasunao Uematsu Date: February 12 (Sun) 12:30 Open 13:00 Start Place: Sound Hall Small Hall Price: 1,000 yen for adults (1,500 yen on the day), 500 yen for junior high school students and younger, free for preschoolers The sound of audio maker Technics and live jazz performance by Kanako Ozaki, an alto saxophonist living in Aira City♪ Please enjoy the time of luxurious sound. [Advance sales and inquiries] Seven Plaza Aira store 0995-67-3988

Set of 8 postcards from Gamogo

How nice! 0 what's inside Various styles of Gamo Town sketched postcards 📮 Which landscape has 8 pictures I don't know until I open it (*^^*) Somewhat nostalgic scenery🎨 I feel warm🍵 ▶ Gamou Tourism Exchange Center

Let’s make an important anniversary a memorial day!

How nice! 0 -Information on commemorative tree gifts- In Aira-shi green promotion meeting, we present commemorative tree to person with memorial day targeted for in 2024. Make your important anniversary a “ tree ” anniversary and grow your joy with the tree! Target anniversary Birth marriage New construction/purchase of housing Limit one application per household. Marriage will be one for a couple. Distribution is one for one memorial. Application conditions Those who live in Aira City (those who are eligible for Memorial Day) Those who had a target anniversary between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 Those who can secure a place to plant a memorial tree or grow […]

Hatsumode in Gamo

How nice! 0 You can also visit Kusuda Shrine. It is also recommended to go by bicycle from Gamo Tourism Exchange Center🚴 After enjoying cycling, please relax at the center✨ ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center