Aira City Fireworks Festival

How nice! 0 This is an event announcement. The Aira City Fireworks Festival is held. 【Fireworks display】 Date: September 18th (Sun) 〇 Launch starts from 20:00 Location: Kajiki Port *There is no parking lot at the venue. Please use public transportation. Traffic regulation ⇒ 17:30~ Deregulation ⇒ 22:00 (scheduled) [Aira Night Market] Date: Sunday, August 28, 16:00-20:30 Location: Around Aira City Hall In addition, please contact the Aira City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kajiki Branch (0995-63-2295) for more information about volunteer staff and premium bleachers (limited quantity).

Recruitment of volunteer staff started!

How nice! 0 Recruitment of volunteer staff for "burning impression Kagoshima National Athletic Meet" held in Aira City! We are looking for volunteer staff at the competition venue to be held in Motoichi at the special national athletic meet held next year, "Moneyu Kando Kagoshima National Athletic Meet". It is an activity that supports the activities of top athletes and provides warm hospitality to athletes, officials, and other people involved in the National Sports Festival and spectators who come to the city. Now, let's enjoy the "burning excitement" together through volunteer activities at this once-in-a-half-century big event held in Kagoshima Prefecture. Application period: August 1, 2020 (Monday) to March 31, […]

The 1st Aira Fresh Morning Market

How nice! 0 good morning! The ash from Sakurajima started this morning, so it was tough. Well, it's an event announcement. [Organizer: Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative Kinkai Branch JA Organic Subcommittee] The 1st Aira Fresh Morning Market We have collected many specialties from the Aira City area. Date: August 7 (Sun) 8:00-13:00 Venue: Kajiki Port (former Kinkai Fishery Cooperative) *Ends when sold out Would you like to visit us?

Grape picking has begun!

How nice! 0 Delicious! Kyoho 🍇 The sweet and juicy grape picking has begun. Mr. Matsushita Farm in Gamo. Kyoho is the only choice now, but after a while, that! ️ shine muscat is also in season. Looking forward to Queen Nina too 😊 It is a 5-minute drive from the exchange center. It might be nice to go out after camping at Sumiyoshi Pond🚗 ³₃ ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center

About the silent prayer for peace

How nice! 0 Memorial service for the atomic bomb victims and silent prayer for peace Hiroshima and Nagasaki will commemorate the 77th anniversary of the atomic bombings on August 6th and 9th. ceremony will be held. The ceremony includes a minute's silence at 8:15 am on August 6, the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, and at 11:02 am on August 9, the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. Therefore, we would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation so that you can observe a moment of silence in your homes and workplaces. ▶ City website

Shigetomi coast, sea opening.

How nice! 0 Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Yesterday, the sea opening was held at Shigetomi Beach. Today, the 20th, Shigetomi Beach will open for the first time in three years. Please take care of the corona infection and enjoy it. Swimming is prohibited today due to heavy rain warnings. [Opening period] July 20 (Wednesday) to August 31 (Wednesday) 9:00 to 18:00 *The parking lot closes at 19:00.

How about for free research?

How nice! 0 You can learn about the history of silk moths and how to make raw silk. Summer special exhibition "Sericulture work" -until raw silk is made- Date: July 22nd (Friday) -August 31st (Wednesday) Holding time: 9:00 to 17:08 Admission is until 16:30) * Monday and August 25th are closed days. Venue: Aira City Museum of History and Folklore tel: 0995-65-1553 (498 Higashimochida, Aira City) At the Aira Local History Museum, various other summer vacation events are planned. Why don't you come visit us?

The 7th Sakurajima-Kinkowan Geopark Stamp Rally is being held!

How nice! 0 Sakurajima-Kinkowan Geopark Stamp Rally will be held this year as well. Continuing from last year, this year is also a digital stamp rally using the smartphone app "Kagopuri". Holding period: Reiwa 4th July 23rd (Saturday) -November 30th (Wednesday) Venue: Stamp rally target facilities (44 facilities) ▶ For more information Here rule: If you collect 3 or more electronic stamps from 2 or more of the Kagoshima city area, Aira city area, and Tarumizu city area, you will win a wonderful prize by lottery! For details and procedures for participating in the stamp rally … ▶ Flyer (PDF) ▶ Sakurajima-Kinkowan Geopark Homepage Check (link to external site)!

Fire brigade member health promotion seminar

How nice! 0 A firefighter health promotion seminar was held at Kane Hall on May 29, 4th (Sun). This seminar is a training aimed at learning health promotion education for preventing public affairs accidents caused by brain and heart diseases and exercise skills that are useful for health promotion. About 80 members of the fire brigade, who are enthusiastic about the activities and work of the fire brigade, participated on a daily basis. Many people who have an irregular life due to work or move their bodies but do not stretch easily, and the lecturer's story was very helpful. When I actually stretched, I heard a cry of sorrow, and […]

Japan Heritage Gamo Foothills Project

How nice! 0 Free study support notebook (* ・ ᴗ ・ *) و We will give you! The [Japan Heritage Gamo Foothills Project], which is engaged in activities to liven up Gamo, is underway 🎵 We are giving it to everyone under junior high school, so please do not hesitate to contact us 😃 ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center