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Complex new government building maintenance project
On this page, we will post information and reports on meetings related to the construction of the government building, information on open recruitment of businesses, etc., and inform the citizens of the status of consideration.

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Public presentation held

In Aira City, we are working on a rebuilding project for the government building, which will be a regional disaster prevention base and a base for community development that is familiar to the citizens. Currently, in parallel with the design and related construction of the Aira Main Government Building, we are proceeding with the selection of designers for both the Kajiki and Gamo Government Buildings using the open-call proposal method.

This time, we will release the presentation and hearing (second screening) that will be the final selection place to decide the design candidates of both government buildings.
* This proposal selects a designer, not a design proposal. The presenter's proposal does not become a design proposal as it is.

Schedule of public presentation <br /> The top 5 people who passed the first screening of both government buildings announced.
About 40 minutes for each presentation (15 minutes for presentation, 25 minutes for hearing examination).

    Gamo Complex Government Building

    Date and time: Thursday, February 11, 3rd year of Reiwa 9: 40-16: 20 * Scheduled (reception 9: 00-9: 20)
    Meeting place: Kamoucho Public Hall 1st floor large hall (347 Shirao, Kamoucho-cho, Aira City)

Public presentation (selection of basic design candidates for both Kajiki and Gamo complex new government buildings)