<> Recruitment of greeting movement slogans

November is the month for strengthening the "Airakko" greeting campaign that the community nurtures. At the City Youth Development Citizens' Conference, November 1st to 30th is designated as Greeting Campaign Strengthening Month.

We aim to create an attractive town where greetings are exchanged by deepening contact with homes and communities. Let's liven up this movement throughout the region.

Recruitment of greeting movement slogans

We are looking for slogans for the strengthening month. Unpublished and self-made slogans related to greetings and voices at school, home, and community.
* Registered trademarks and copyright-related notations in the slogan are not subject to examination.

Qualification requirements

    Elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students and general adults in the city

Application method

  1. Elementary and junior high school students should submit it to each school.
  2. For high school students and general adults, Social Education Division, Aira Public Hall, Aira / Matsubara / Wakimoto / Shigetomi / Yamada District Public Hall / Gamo Public Hall, Aira / Kajiki / Gamo Government Building, Kaon Hall, Central Library, Kajiki Library, Ryobato Ten Literature Memorial Hall , Starland AIRA, Tomu Land, Gamo Furusato Exchange Center, General Sports Park, Okusu Arena Please fill out and submit the application form provided.
    ▶ Or on the city homepage Application Form Please apply from.
    ▶ For mail and fax, write the slogan, address, name (Frigana), student / general, and telephone number.

Number of applications

    One point per person.

Application deadline

    November 30 (Monday) * The museum may be closed on Mondays at the submission destination facility.


    Grand Prize, Excellence Award, Winner (Prepare Certificate of Commendation and Supplementary Prize)

First year of Reiwa Grand Prize

Lower grades of elementary school "I'm happy to say hello to my town" Fusako Tomisako << Ryumon Elementary School 1st grade >>
Elementary school upper grades "Good morning and smiling road in the morning" Rio Kusuda << Kajiki Elementary School 4th grade >>
Junior high school students "Greetings that transcend generations" Fumina Haruguchi << Shigetomi Junior High School 3rd year >>
High school students and above General club "Knowing the faces of local children through greetings" Eiichi Yamauchi << Yukijo School District >>
* The winning works in the first year of Reiwa Here (PDF: 104KB)