Joint training of Aira-shi firefighting headquarters, fire brigade

From Wednesday, March 1, 2023 to Tuesday, March 7
"National fire prevention campaign in the spring of 2023" will be implemented.
A joint drill was held on February 26th (Sun) in preparation for the season when fires are more likely to occur.

The site of the AKUTIO Aira office was used as the training location, and long-distance water supply training was conducted assuming a forest fire in a situation where there is no fire fighting water supply.

Firefighting water received support for six concrete mixer trucks (24,000 liters) from the Aira-Isa district ready-mixed concrete cooperative.

Through this training, there were many harvests such as receiving water from a concrete mixer truck and coordinating among members.

We will carry out drill for various disasters while planning mutual cooperation in Aira-shi firefighting headquarters and Aira-shi firefighting team in future.

Air is dry, and it is season when fire is easy to occur, and fire from burning occurs frequently in Aira-shi. It can spread to a large fire like a forest fire and endanger human life.

Citizens, please be careful when handling fire.

Aira City Fire Department Headquarters