《Reiwa 2nd Autumn National Fire Prevention Campaign》 Implementation of fire brigade training

The week from November 9th to 15th is the period of the autumn national fire prevention campaign.
We are working to raise awareness of fire prevention for a week from November 9th, in connection with the emergency call number 119.

The climate is chilly and it is a season when fires are likely to occur, but during this period, the Aira City Fire Department conducts fire prevention publicity, water advantage inspections and fire drills every year.

    In this training, in addition to firefighting training, we conducted proficiency training for rescue equipment. Under the guidance of the fire department staff, we reconfirmed the operation method of the flood control machine and chainsaw, and worked on training so that it could be used safely even in the unlikely event of a situation.

    For fire prevention, it is important to check and inspect on a daily basis. Let's take this opportunity to check the fire prevention equipment at home after confirming that the fire has been destroyed.


The Aira City Fire Department will continue to train to improve the disaster prevention capabilities of the region in order to protect the safety and security of the citizens.


In addition, the Aira City Fire Brigade is looking for friends to protect the safety of the area together.
▶ For inquiries regarding joining the group, please call the Fire Department Section, Security Division, Aira City Fire Department (0995-63-3820).