《Aira City Fire Brigade Newcomer Training》

On September 20th (Sun), we held a training session for new members of the Aira City Fire Brigade in the 2nd year of Reiwa.

    This training is conducted for fire brigade members within 3 years after joining the team for the purpose of acquiring basic knowledge and necessary abilities as fire brigade members.


The main contents were discipline training, equipment handling training, safety management and water discharge training, etc. for each army at the Central Fire Department, Aira Branch Office, and Gamo Branch Office.


While giving consideration to measures against the new coronavirus and heat stroke, the members received guidance from the staff and worked hard on each training. We hope that all the new members who have engaged in the training will play an active role in the future as members of the fire brigade that protects the safety and security of Aira City.





The Aira City Fire Brigade is looking for friends to protect the safety of the area together.

▶ For inquiries regarding joining, please contact Aira City Fire Department Security Division Fire Brigade Section (0995-63-3820) Please call.