《Training in the Spring National Fire Prevention Campaign》

On March 7, the Aira City Fire Department conducted training for the Spring National Fire Prevention Campaign.

    The purpose of this training is to train fire brigade members during the fire prevention campaign that is held from March 1st to March 7th every year, and to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for fire extinguishing activities. ..
    Every year, one division is trained from each army, and the other divisions carry out public relations activities, firefighting irrigation, and inspection of firefighting equipment and materials within the jurisdiction, and strive to raise awareness of fire prevention and prepare for emergencies. .. Fires are more likely to occur during the dry season. Everyone, let's be careful about fire.


Did you see the public relations Aira "Iraview February issue"?

    There was a special feature on firefighting in Aira City.
    In the special feature, the members of the fire brigade who are engaged in fire brigade activities were introduced. Perhaps you have seen this, the number of women who are interested in the fire brigade and make inquiries is increasing recently. Those who wish to join the group came to the training tour today as well. Of course, even women are welcome to the Aira City Fire Brigade!
    Men and women have nothing to do with their love for the community. Let's think together about what we can do for the community. If you are interested in the fire brigade, please feel free to contact us at the number below.
    ▶ The back number of "I Love View February" is Here From


The Aira City Fire Department will continue to provide training and training to improve the disaster prevention capabilities of the region in order to protect the lives, bodies, and property of Aira citizens and to protect the safety and security of Aira City.

In addition, the Aira City Fire Department is looking for friends to protect the safety of the area together.
For inquiries about joining the group, please call the Fire Department Section, Security Division, Aira City Fire Department (0995-63-3820).