Aira City Child-rearing Household Support Benefits

How nice! 0 In order to support the lives of child-rearing households affected by the new coronavirus infection, a benefit (10,000 yen per target child) is provided to households receiving child allowances as a measure unique to Aira City. I will. Persons eligible for payment Those who are eligible for the national "Special Household Benefits for Child-rearing" 〇 Children eligible for the child allowance (main rule benefit) for April 2nd year of Reiwa and children who lost their qualifications due to graduation from junior high school in March 2nd year of Reiwa 〇 Children born between April 2, 2004 and March 31, 2004, who meet the above requirements, are eligible. […]

Is there a vacant house left unattended?

How nice! 0 Please manage the vacant house properly If a house is left unoccupied as an unoccupied house, it will deteriorate rapidly, and in the worst case, it may cause harm to the surroundings and adversely affect the landscape of the area. If you have a house other than your current home, or if you know a relative who has been away from home for a long time due to hospitalization, etc., please check the status of the building that is "vacant house", and if necessary, Please make appropriate management, such as consulting with a specialist. The increasing number of unoccupied houses ▶ Number of vacant houses and vacant […]

<> Marriage activities that you can meet as a hobby

How nice! 0 The "Hobby Con" event, a marriage-hunting event that provides a meeting place through common hobbies, will be held. This project is being held by Kagoshima City, and since Kagoshima City, Hioki City, Ichiki Kushikino City and Aira City have signed an agreement for "Kagoshima Cooperation Central Urban Area", people living in Aira City Can also participate. "The Blue Sky Kitchen in Love" Holding date and time; Sunday, November 1, 2nd year, 10:15 am to 5:00 pm Venue; Green farm (Kagoshima City Agricultural Park) Qualification requirements: Men and women between the ages of 20 and 40 wishing to marry as single people living in Kagoshima City, Ichikikushikino City, […]

“Yuki Yamashita” I want you to feel something with my music

How nice! 0 Yuki Yamashita (key) with Now's, Jazz, Trio November 23, 2019 (Monday) 14:30 open / 15:00 start ~I want you to feel something with my music~ Yuki Yamashita (key) He has a congenital disease called congenital myopathy. He started singing in high school, but after graduating he turned to piano. Currently, he continues to perform in various places in Aira City, striving to write and arrange lyrics in order to expand his field of expression. This time, we will be performing on the stage of the Kaon Hall with Now's Jazz Jazz Trio led by alako saxophonist Kanako Ozaki. [New Corona Infection Prevention Measures] ・Please wear a mask・We […]

《Murabato Jumon Literature Memorial Award》 Looking for a national reading impressionist contest

How nice! 0 Murahato Ju Literature Museum Juvenile literary writer Juju Kubota (real name: Hikoho Kubota) was born in Takagi-mura, Shimoina-gun, Nagano Prefecture in 1868 and has lived his life in Kagoshima since graduating from Hosei University. He is the first writer in Japan to pioneer the genre of full-fledged animal literature and has left behind many timeless masterpieces such as "One-eared Deer", "Maya's Life" and "Kagamijishi". "Old grandfather and cancer" (produced in 1964) is still in the 5th grade elementary school textbook. Including these, the Kubotato Juzo's animal literature depicts the nature of animal ecology very accurately, and emphasizes the importance of coexistence between animals and humans in nature. […]

Please be careful about how to put out combustible/incombustible waste and recyclables when a typhoon approaches

How nice! 0 About collection of combustible waste and closure of recyclable garbage collection point on Monday, September 7 Regarding the collection of combustible waste on Monday, September 7, the collection time is different from the normal route due to the influence of fallen trees, etc., so the collection time at each garbage station is different. If the combustible waste left at the garbage station remains until the evening, please take it home. Please discharge as much as possible on the next garbage collection day. In addition, on Monday, September 7, we will close two air cargo collection points, Aira Recycle Center and Kajiki General Branch Garbage Collection Center.

Aira City various medical examination and medical examination schedules (Reiwa 2)

How nice! 0 【Important Notices】 * Regarding various medical checkups in Aira City, the schedule and other details may change in the future to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. As for changes, we will post them on the city's website, so please check. If you are unsure, Health promotion section (0995-66-3293 (directly) Please contact 0995-66-3111 (142) (143)). *To prevent new coronavirus infection, please refrain from the following persons on the day of the examination: ① Cold symptoms continue. ② I have difficulty breathing (dyspnea) and drowsiness (fatigue). ③ There is heat generation (higher than normal temperature or higher than 37.5℃). ④ Entered from another country within 2 weeks. […]

Hope the new corona converge, fireworks launch

How nice! 0 On the night of the 30th in Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture, fireworks were launched in hopes of the new coronavirus convergence. This was planned by the Aira City Chamber of Commerce and Industry youth group in hope of the new Corona's departure. No place or time was given in advance to avoid crowding. About 15 minutes from 8 pm, 1500 fireworks lit up the night sky. Since the "Aira City Fireworks Festival" has been canceled this year, the fireworks this time also include the idea of energizing the area. (Visitor) "It was my first time to see the fireworks display this year, so I was happy to […]

“Aira City Specialty” “Onion Dressing”

How nice! 0 Due to the typhoon, strong winds and thunder warnings have been issued in Aira city. Everyone, please be careful. Now, Aira City Tourist Information Center sells special products. Among them, a certain staff Ichioshi! "Onion dressing" If you wear this, you can get infinite cabbage! If you are interested, please purchase at the Aira City Tourist Information Center. ▶ Aira City Tourism Association