[Reiwa 3rd year Aira City Firefighting Operation Tournament]

On May 16th (Sun), Reiwa 3rd year, the Aira City Firefighting Operation Tournament was held in the weather with light rain.

    The operation tournament is held every other year for the purpose of learning fire extinguishing techniques, training the unity of the fire brigade, and training discipline.
    This year, from the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the event was held with no spectators, as well as wearing masks and disinfecting hands, and after restricting the number of visitors to the venue. (Manipulators wear optional masks in consideration of the risk of heat stroke and oxygen deficiency.)


The operation competition will be held in two divisions, small pump operation and pump car operation.

    Each branch used the equipment and materials deployed to showcase the results of their daily training. I was very impressed by the agile and lively competition of the athletes who survived the bad weather. We are looking forward to the day when the new coronavirus will end and the operation of the Aira City Fire Department will be shown in front of the citizens.


The results of the competition were as follows.

▼ Small pump section

      Yukatsu: Nagahara branch
      Runner-up: Kajiki Branch
      3rd place: Kitayama branch

▼ Pump car section

      Yukatsu: City Hall Branch
      Runner-up: Nagahara branch
      3rd place: Chosa branch

Each winning team will participate in the Aira Isa Branch Tournament as a representative of Aira City. The Aira City Fire Department will continue to strive to improve its regional disaster prevention capabilities through daily training.


In addition, the Aira City Fire Department is looking for friends to protect the area together. If you are interested in the fire brigade, please feel free to contact the fire brigade section (63-3820), Security Division, Fire Department Headquarters.


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