《First year of firefighting in Aira City, 3rd year of Reiwa》

On January 6, 3rd year of Reiwa, the first ceremony of the Aira City Fire Department was held at Kajiki Athletic Field to decorate the New Year.

    The dezomeshiki ceremony is held to pray for the safety of this year and to raise the morale of firefighters and raise awareness of fire prevention, but due to concerns about the effects of the new coronavirus, the scale has been significantly reduced this year. , We took measures against infection and held it.



At this year's Dezomeshiki ceremony, a branch march was held in which firefighters were added to the fire brigade, and the firefighting power of Aira City was demonstrated.

    At the beginning of the march, Mayor Yumoto boarded an amphibious buggy, went around the ground, and then took the stage on the viewing platform.
    In the branch march, the Nishiura Elementary School Boys' Fire Fighting Club led the march with firefighters, fire brigade members, and fire trucks.



The ceremony was held in a solemn atmosphere with lively training performances by the Boys' Fire Fighting Club, commendations for fire brigade members, mayor's ceremonies and guest congratulatory speeches. I finished it.