The right to decide the nickname (naming rights) using the company name, product, brand name, etc. in the name of the city facility is given to private businesses (sponsors), and the facility maintenance and services are obtained with the naming right fee. We are looking for companies that agree with the purpose of the business as naming rights sponsors.

Recruitment target facilities and locations

    Aira City Athletic Park (We are looking for naming rights for the entire park and major facilities in the park.)

Business target facility name Street address
Aira City Athletic Park 2392 Hiramatsu, Aira City
Athletics stadium (natural turf ground) in Aira City Athletic Park Same as above
Baseball field in Aira City Athletic Park Same as above
Gymnasium in Aira City Athletic Park Same as above
Artificial turf ground in Aira City Athletic Park Same as above
Tennis court in Aira City Athletic Park Same as above

* Currently, the natural turf ground and the artificial turf ground are collectively called "Aira Football Center".

When you get the naming rights, you will be named "OO Aira Football Center" or "OO Football Center Aira".

Contract period, desired contract amount, etc.

    Contract period: From April 1, 3rd year of Reiwa (3 years or more)
    Desired contract amount: 1.2 million yen or more per year (excluding tax)
    Qualifications: Companies, sole proprietors, etc.
    Contract conditions: The facility name shall include "Aira". (Example: 〇〇 Aira baseball stadium)
    Special feature: Nickname display on facility signs, facility pamphlets, city homepages, etc.

Recruitment period, application method, etc.

    Recruitment period: From January 18, 1945 (Monday) to February 26, 3rd year (Friday) 17:15
    How to apply: Bring or mail the submitted documents to the application destination (must arrive)