“Kagoshima National Athletic Meet / Kagoshima Tournament” held in 2023

In the second year of Reiwa (2020), the 75th National Athletic Meet (nickname: Burning Feeling Movement National Athletic Meet) and the 20th National Sports Festival for the Disabled (nickname: Burning Feeling Movement Festival) will be the second in 48 years. Was held, and three official competitions and two demonstration sports were scheduled to be held in Aira City, but the holding of Reiwa 2 years was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection.

The new "Kagoshima National Athletic Meet / Kagoshima Tournament" has been decided as follows.

    ○ Year of the event
    2023 (5th year of Reiwa)
    ○ Tournament name <br /> Special National Athletic Meet "Burning Impressive Goshima National Athletic Meet"
    Special National Sports Tournament for the Disabled "Burning Impression Goshima Tournament"

    Burning Impression Goshima National Athletic Meet / Kagoshima Tournament Executive Committee (link to external site)

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We have decided to postpone it to 2023, so we are currently renewing it to update the content.