《Reiwa 3rd year municipal kindergarten admissions recruitment》

Reiwa 3rd year municipal kindergarten admissions recruitment notice

We are looking for children to enter the 3rd year of Reiwa, Aira City Kindergarten (Kajiki, Kinko, Kensho, Chosa). If you wish to enter the kindergarten, please submit the application form to the kindergarten you wish to enter.

Number of applicants

    ○ Kajiki Kindergarten (3 years old) about 20 students 1 class ○ Kinko Kindergarten (3 years old) about 15 students 1 class (3 and 4 year olds are mixed childcare)
    ○ Jianchang Kindergarten (3 years old) About 30 people 2 classes (1 class about 15 people)
    ○ Chosa Kindergarten (3 years old) About 20 students 1 class
    * For children aged 4 and 5, the recruitment status differs in each garden. Please contact each garden for details.

Admission qualification

    Infants born in the next period with an address in Aira City (including plans to move in until admission)

      [3-year-old child] Born April 2, 2017-April 1, 2018 [4-year-old child] Born April 2, 2016-April 1, 2017 [5-year-old child] April 2, 2015 Born April 1, 2016

Admission application distribution start period

    After Monday, October 19, 2nd year of Reiwa

Admission application distribution place

    Each kindergarten, City Board of Education School Education Division, Aira Public Hall, Gamo Public Hall

You can also download the admission application form here ↓
Reiwa 3rd year admission application style (PDF: 83KB)

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