Hoiku Information Service (Recruitment of childcare workers, waiting children, etc.)

Supporting employment and reinstatement! We are delivering work information such as nursery schools

Aira City is the only municipality in the mainland with an increasing population, but the increase in the number of children on standby is also an issue. As one of the measures, we are working to secure the missing childcare workers. "I want to work at a nursery school!" "I'm interested in a nursery school." In order to support your employment and reinstatement, we will send out information such as city nursery schools through "Hoiku Information Service". In addition to this page, it is also delivered via email, fax and LINE.

Contents to be delivered (in case of recruitment of childcare workers)

  • Hourly rate 1 hour or 2 hours possible Double work is also possible
  • A nursery school where you can work even if you do not have a childcare qualification
  • One day nursery school experience for those who are interested in childcare

Please enter your name and delivery hope in the email "kosodate@city.aira.lg.jp".

Mail / Fax
Please tell us your name, fax number, postal code, and address by phone or fax.

Contact: City Child Care Support Phone: 0995-66-3248 FAX: 0995-65-7112

Information is also transmitted via LINE. If you register, you will receive childcare information at any time.

Childcare worker recruitment information

We are looking for nursery teachers from Municipal Nursery School and Okusu Chibikkoen.
"General part-time staff" childcare person recruitment " application guidelines

Employment information in the field of childcare (as of April 20, 2019)

Introducing job information in the field of childcare as of April 20, 2019.

"Vacancy information in the field of childcare (as of April 20, 2019) PDF (441KB)

Community-based childcare worker human resources bank business

For those who are interested in the work of a nursery school in the Hello Work Kokubu business, we provide information such as recruitment mini briefing sessions, workplace tours, and employment support. For registrants, if you wish to register, please submit the registration application form to Hello Work Kokubu or call us.

"Regional cooperation type childcare worker human resources bank business (flyer)" PDF (133KB)
"Registration application" PDF (71KB)

[Contact] Hello Work Kokubu (Human Resource Matching Corner)
Phone: 0995-45-5433 FAX: 0995-45-5311

About waiting-list children

Reasons for the increase in waiting children
Increasing population of child-rearing generation, more places for women to work, lack of nursery teachers, etc.

Current status of waiting-list children
This is the change in the number of children waiting in the past 6 years. First of all, looking at the population under the age of 6, the population has risen by approximately 10% (393) from 4,660 to 5,053. The number of childcare facilities has increased from 18 in 2013 to 32 in 2018, but due to an increase in the population of child-rearing generation and lack of childcare staff, etc. The number of children has increased from 37 in 2013 to 62 in 2018. * As of April 1, each year. The number of facilities in the graph includes "company-led childcare establishments" established by the company.


Contact <br /> Children's Mirai Division, Health and Welfare Department 〒899-5492 25 Miyajima-cho, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture
tel: 0995-66-3111 (165) fax: 0995-65-7112


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