《Aira City Fire Department》 Thorough measures against energized fires

If a power outage occurs due to flood damage, please take the following measures.

  1. During a power outage, switch off the electrical equipment and disconnect the power plug from the outlet.
  2. Drop the breaker when leaving your home for evacuation.
  3. When re-energizing, make sure that the electrical equipment is not damaged due to water leakage, the wiring and cords are not damaged, and that there are no flammable items nearby before using the electrical equipment. thing.
  4. Even if there is no apparent damage to the building or electrical equipment, a fire may occur after a long time has passed since the re-energization due to damage to the wiring inside the wall or a failure inside the electrical equipment. If you find it, immediately turn off the breaker and contact the fire department.

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