Maternal and Child Health Handbook App “Mother and Child Mo”

Mother and child notebook application "Mother and child mo" that connects with the community

"Mother and Child Mo" is a web application service compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

    It has many useful functions to help busy mothers and fathers, such as recording and managing health data for pregnant women and children, managing vaccination schedules, and providing advice on childbirth and childcare.

    It can also be used as a new communication tool, such as sharing functions with family members such as grandparents living apart, and notification of local information distributed by the city. We hope that it will help to create an environment where younger generations can give birth and raise children with peace of mind as the nuclear family grows.

Main functions of the mother and child notebook application "Mother and Child Mo"

Information on various systems and services provided by local governments

    ・ Information on various subsidies and procedures for pregnancy and childcare, such as child medical expenses subsidy system and children's allowance ・ Various information delivered by the city

Records and management

    ・ Physical condition and weight record during pregnancy (graph)
    ・ Growth and physical condition records of fetuses and children (graphed)
    ・ Vaccination: Automatic display of standard vaccination date, vaccination schedule / results management, missed vaccination prevention alarm * Please be sure to check with your doctor before vaccination.
    ・ Health check information: Record health check data for pregnant women and children

Information provision / advice

    ・ Basic information on childbirth and childcare ・ Knowledge and advice according to the number of weeks of pregnancy and the age of the child ・ Video of how to make bathing and baby food ・ Information on surrounding facilities (hospitals, kindergartens / nurseries, parks, childcare facilities / children's centers, etc.)

Childcare Diary: Anniversary

    ・ Record the growth of the child with photos and videos ・ Upload photos with the “First Anniversary Template” that includes the date and words on the anniversary (for the first time… about 150 items such as fetal movement / turning over / sitting / high high Can be recorded)

Data sharing

    ・ Children's growth records and health data can be viewed on family smartphones and posted on SNS.

* Some services may not be available.


    ・ Free of charge (data communication costs will be incurred separately)

how to access

    ・ Search for "mother and child" in the app store compatible with your smartphone, tablet terminal, or PC OS. ・ Access the web browser (link to an external site)


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