Local child care support center

Aira City currently has six child-raising support centers as support bases for child-raising households.

All six child-rearing support centers in Aira City will be closed temporarily during the following periods to prevent new coronavirus infections.

From April 20, 2019 to the end of the emergency declaration

Activity schedule of each site (updated from time to time)
Aira parent and child gathering open space "aiai"
"Aiai Communication May 2020" (PDF: 629KB)

Facility information (6 places)

Aira parent and child gathering open space "aiai"
589 Nishimochida, Aira City (Aira Civic Center)

Kajiki parent and child gathering open space "Kajikizu"
253 Hommachi, Kajiki-cho, Aira-shi (in Kajiki health center)

Kenshokko / External site (Kenchang Nursery School)
2602 Higashimochida

Ayumi (Kibigaoka Nursery School / Outside Site)
Hiramatsu 5061 Address 2

Dandelion (Yamada nursery school / outside site)
Below 60

Takaida Hiyoko Circle (Takaida Nursery School / Outside Site)
4872-2 Kida, Kajiki-cho

Contact <br /> Child Policy Section, Children's Mirai Division, Health and Welfare Department 〒899-5492 25 Miyajima-cho, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture Phone: 0995-66-3111 (165)
Fax number: 0995-65-7112
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