Aira City various medical examination and medical examination schedules (Reiwa 2)

【Important Notices】

* Regarding various medical checkups in Aira City, the schedule and other details may change in the future to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. As for changes, we will post them on the city's website, so please check.

If you are unsure,

    Health promotion section (0995-66-3293 (directly)
    Please contact 0995-66-3111 (142) (143)).

*To prevent new coronavirus infection, please refrain from the following persons on the day of the examination:

    ① Cold symptoms continue.
    ② I have difficulty breathing (dyspnea) and drowsiness (fatigue).
    ③ There is heat generation (higher than normal temperature or higher than 37.5℃).
    ④ Entered from another country within 2 weeks. (Or contacted the person who entered Japan.)
    (5) I contacted a person who was infected with the new coronavirus or suspected of having it within 2 weeks.
    (6) It is within the waiting period (including voluntary waiting) because there is a possibility that there will be concentrated contact with those infected with the new coronavirus.

If you fall under any of ① to ⑥, we will not accept medical examinations.

    ・We will check the temperature and check the physical condition during the examination. (Periodical disease screening depends on each dental clinic)
    ・Please wear a mask at the venue.
    ・Also, although adequate preventive measures are taken, if you are concerned about an infectious disease, please refrain from consulting at your own discretion.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to prevent the spread of infection.

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