Open from May 7th: Aira City Tourist Information Center & Kusunoyu

The tourist information center was closed until May 6th based on the expansion of the target area of the emergency declaration based on the "Special Measures Against Influenza Measures Law", but from May 7th (Thursday) Reopening business.

  • Hours of operation 9 am-5pm
  • Phone: 0995-67-6052
  • When visiting the museum, please help disinfect your fingers and wear a mask.

In addition, Kusunoyu will resume operations tomorrow. We are waiting for the use of the shop.

At the same time, most public facilities in the city will be used again after taking measures to prevent infection.
For details, please contact the person in charge of each facility.

  • Click here for a list of information on the re-use of major public facilities in the city (as of May 5)

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