Hope the new corona converge, fireworks launch

On the night of the 30th in Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture, fireworks were launched in hopes of the new coronavirus convergence.

    This was planned by the Aira City Chamber of Commerce and Industry youth group in hope of the new Corona's departure. No place or time was given in advance to avoid crowding.

About 15 minutes from 8 pm, 1500 fireworks lit up the night sky. Since the "Aira City Fireworks Festival" has been canceled this year, the fireworks this time also include the idea of energizing the area.

    (Visitor) "It was my first time to see the fireworks display this year, so I was happy to see it. I wished that the corona would converge."
    "It was great. I hope it will be grand next year and everyone can enjoy it."

(Chairman Shohei Murata, Aira City Chamber of Commerce and Industry) "I wanted to do something for everyone, so I planned this event. I was glad to hear that it was good."

(MBC South Japan Broadcasting | Kagoshima)