[Application acceptance start] Information on Aira City business continuity support fund

[Application acceptance start] Aira City Commerce and Industry Tourism Division Aira City Business Continuity Support Fund Information

From the Aira City Commerce and Tourism Division, we will support the business continuation of Aira city businesses whose sales have been reduced by more than 20% and less than 50% due to the new coronavirus infection.

Applications are accepted from Monday, May 18th.

Application documents This site Please download more.
Data set regarding application documents (Zip compression file: 1.3MB)

The contents of the downloaded file include the following 8 files [Requirements] Aira City Business Continuity Fund.pdf
1_ application form.pdf
2_ Monthly Sales Table.docx
2_ Monthly Sales Table.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact the Aira City Commerce and Industry Tourism Division