[Haradama Shochu “Sappon Mugi” from Aira City is completed! ]

"Hadeka barley" has been cultivated by members of the Ai Barley Production Association since 2011 to revive the barley of Aira City, which was once one of the prefecture's leading production centers. This time, it was commercialized by Shirokane Shuzo as a new shochu "Suppon Mugi". It features the original mellow scent of naked barley and the faint cedar scent derived from a wooden barrel distiller.

Sale is limited to Aira city. It can be purchased today from Friday, May 25th, at the sake dealers in the city and at the shops in the Ishikura Museum.
For daily daze. Toast with everyone. Father's Day is coming soon. Please enjoy the shochu made from Aira City's naked barley ♪

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