Support for restaurants! Aira Mirai Ticket

Aira City Tourism Association and Aira City Specialty Products produce prepaid tickets to support

Air Mirai Ticket To support restaurants and other businesses that are struggling to go out of business due to the spread of new coronavirus infections and the refraining from going out It's a business that gets you done.

Even in Aira City, due to the outbreak of infected people in the prefecture and in the city, the mood for refraining from drinking parties and welcome and farewell parties is increasing, and the profits of restaurants are decreasing sharply.

While refraining from the use of familiar izakaya and local restaurants, by purchasing a gift certificate “Aira Miki Ticket” that citizens and other users promise to go to eat at restaurants in the future , Has a system to support the management and survival of the store.

Looking for shops to use

We are looking for shops that want to use tickets. Tickets will be provided not only for restaurants but for shops in Aira city. For more information, please contact the Aira City Tourism Association.

To the related page of Aira City Tourism Association (link to outside site)

Please provide some support

The Aira City Tourism Association website introduces shops where you can buy tickets and support.

To the related page of Aira City Tourism Association (link to outside site)

Inquiries <br /> Tourism Department, Commerce and Industry Tourism Division, Planning Department 〒899-5492 25 Miyajima-cho, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture Phone: 0995-66-3145
Fax number: 0995-65-7112
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