The second screening project of director Makoto Shinkai’s works!

As part of a revival screening project organized by Filmarks, Japan's largest review service for movies, dramas, and anime, "The Place Promised in Our Early Days," which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, will be screened again for a limited time from Friday, May 17th!

This project is the second in a series of two consecutive months of revival screenings of works by animation director Makoto Shinkai, who continues to garner support from a wide range of audiences both in Japan and overseas. Following on from "5 Centimeters per Second," which is currently being shown nationwide as Japan's first nationwide "Sakura Front Screening," this will be a two-week limited screening. Screenings at movie theaters are rare, so a nationwide screening is a rare opportunity.

"Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place" is set in a fictional post-war Japan divided into North and South, and depicts the struggles of two boys who try to save a girl afflicted with an unknown disease. This is Makoto Shinkai's first feature-length animated film, following his shockingly received commercial debut, "Voices of a Distant Star." Shinkai himself is responsible for everything from the original story, script, and direction to cinematography and art direction, fully demonstrating his artistic talent. You will be able to enjoy the essence of Shinkai's world on the big screen once again, with its detailed and beautifully colored landscape depictions and delicate depictions of the feelings of men and women who pass each other by.

▶【Trailer for "The Place Promised in Our Early Days"】

In addition to the special giveaway for visitors to the currently screening "5 Centimeters per Second," this project will also distribute a limited number of clear postcards featuring the poster visuals to visitors. Take this opportunity to go to the theater and get the set of two films!

Clear postcards featuring the poster visual from "The Place Promised in Our Early Days" will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis in limited quantities.

※The image is an image.
*One item will be distributed per person per viewing.
*As supplies are first come, first served and limited in quantity, the distribution will end as soon as supplies run out, even if it is within the distribution period.
*Please note that the number of tickets available may be limited depending on the theater.
*Gifts are not for sale. Please refrain from reselling them.

These clear postcards are the same as the ones given to moviegoers of "5 Centimeters per Second," which is currently being shown. Go to the theaters for both films and get a set of two.

[Public Information]

"Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place"

Release date: Friday, May 17, 2024, for a limited two-week run. Theaters: 111 cinemas nationwide.

* Theaters showing the film will be added in due course. We will announce this on the official account (@Filmarks_ticket).
* Screening dates and periods vary depending on the theater.

[Theaters showing "The Place Promised in Our Early Days"]

In the Kyushu region…

[Fukuoka] United Cinema Canal City 13, Cineplex Kokura, AEON Cinema Fukuoka, AEON Cinema Onojo [Saga] AEON Cinema Saga Yamato [Kumamoto] Kumamoto Piccadilly [Oita] Central Cinema Sanko [Miyazaki] Central Cinema Miyazaki
[Kagoshima] Cinema Sunshine Aira


*Please check the screening date and time at each theater. *The screening theater may change. *Tickets will be sold at each theater. *1,600 yen flat rate (not applicable to special days or other discount services)
*Prices may vary depending on premium seats, etc.

Provided by Comix Wave Films. Distributed by Filmarks.

"Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place" Movie Information

2004/Japan/91 min.

Original story, script and director: Makoto Shinkai Character design and chief animation director: Ushio Tazawa Art: Takumi Tanji, Makoto Shinkai Music: Tenmon

Hiroki Fujisawa (Hiroki): Voiced by Hidetaka Yoshioka Takuya Shirakawa (Takuya): Voiced by Masato Hagiwara Sayuri Sawatari (Sayuri): Voiced by Yuka Nanri and others

Another postwar world where Japan is divided into North and South. Two boys from Aomori, Hiroki and Takuya, build a small plane called "Vera Sheela" by themselves to fly to a mysterious giant "tower" that stands in Hokkaido under Union occupation. They make a promise with Sayuri, a girl they admire, but in the summer of their third year of junior high school, Sayuri suddenly transfers schools.
Three years later, Hiroki learns that Sayuri has been asleep ever since that summer due to an unknown illness. Determined to save Sayuri from eternal sleep, Hiroki asks Takuya for help, but…

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