4th year of Reiwa Aira City Coming-of-age ceremony (planned)

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to everyone who welcomes Coming-of-Age Day, a major milestone in life.

In Aira City, we will hold the "Reiwa 4th Year Aira City Coming-of-Age Ceremony" as follows. The coming-of-age ceremony is a ceremony to rejoice at the age of 20 with many friends and to realize that we have grown up.

We look forward to your attendance.

* To get contact information for measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases, etc. Pre-registration required to participate is.
* For details, please see the invitation letter scheduled to be shipped in early October.
* If you do not receive the invitation even in late October, please contact the following inquiries (Aira City Board of Education, Education Division).

Ceremony details

    It will be held in two parts, morning and afternoon, to prevent new coronavirus infections. For details, please see the invitation sent to the target person.
    * The schedule may be changed depending on the situation of the new coronavirus infection in the future. Please check the city's homepage for the latest information.


    January 9, 4th year of Reiwa (Sunday)
    [Morning part] 11:00 am to 12:05 [Afternoon part] 2:30 pm to 3:35 pm
    * Reception starts 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.


    Aira City Cultural Center (Kane Hall)

Target person

      ・ Those who were born between April 2, 2001 and April 1, 2002, who are registered as residents of Aira City, or who have lived in Aira City. direction
      ・ Persons of foreign nationality such as technical intern trainees and international students who were born between April 2, 1999 and April 1, 2002 and are registered as residents in Aira City.

Target time zone

[Morning section (starting at 11:00 am)]

    Those who have graduated from other than Kajiki Junior High School District, Gamo Junior High School District, Aira City Elementary and Junior High School, and foreign nationals
    * Those who have graduated from an elementary school in Aira City and went on to a school other than Aira City from junior high school are assigned to the time of the junior high school district where their elementary school is located.

[Afternoon session (starting at 2:30 pm)]

    Chosa Junior High School District, Shigetomi Junior High School District, Yamada Junior High School District

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