About rent reduction

About rent reduction or exemption for residents of municipal housing whose income has decreased significantly due to the effect of new coronavirus infection

As a special measure for households who are residents of municipal housing and whose monthly income (*1) is less than 50,000 yen due to the dramatic decrease in income due to the effect of the new coronavirus infection, May, 2019 The rent for municipal housing from the subsequent application month to July 2012 is exempted.

    [Updated on July 28]
    The rent exemption period has been extended until October.
    The conditions will be the same as before.

Also, even if your monthly income exceeds 50,000 yen, you may be able to reduce the rent for municipal housing if your income significantly decreases.

As a special measure this time, we will reduce the amount from the application month (usually from the month following the application month).

    Target audience example:

      ・ Those who have lost their income significantly as a result of their business activities or self-employed companies having taken down due to the impact of the new coronavirus infection and taking leave, etc. (dismissal, leave, bankruptcy, suspension of business, suspension of business, sales Decrease)
      ・ Those who have significantly reduced their income due to parents taking leave to take care of their children when an elementary school, etc. is temporarily closed as a response to a new coronavirus infection.

      ・Apply to the Building and Housing Division along with the documents to prove that your income has decreased.
      *Documents certifying that income has declined: salary details, accounts receivable, bankbook, etc.
      ・Depending on the amount of reduction, the rent may not be exempted.

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