<< Beware of mobile battery accidents! 》

-Accidents in public transportation are especially dangerous during homecoming and travel-

Mobile batteries have rapidly become widespread in recent years as a spare power source for charging smartphones and tablets. Light weight, high voltage and high power make it familiar to many consumers, but mishandling can cause burns due to heat generation and can lead to accidents in some cases. The Consumer Affairs Agency has received 162 accident information regarding mobile batteries from June 2013 to the end of June of the first year of Reiwa. In some cases, accidents occurred in public transportation, delaying operations and causing fires. In particular, it is a time when you will have more opportunities to carry a mobile battery when you go home or travel, so be careful of the following points.

  1. Check the recall information to see if the product is subject to recall.
  2. Be sure to check the PSE mark when making a new purchase.
  3. Do not apply strong impact or pressure to the product body, and do not leave it in a high temperature environment.
  4. Do not place flammable materials around while charging.
  5. If you feel something unusual, such as swelling, hotness, or a strange odor, discontinue use.
  6. Be careful not to damage the charging connector or get it wet.
  7. To avoid accidents on public transport, check and follow your carry-on rules.
  8. Let's recycle the used mobile battery. When it is unavoidable to dispose of it, dispose of it separately from other household waste.