About shortening of summer holidays for elementary and junior high schools

(To all citizens) Notice on shortening of summer holidays in elementary and junior high schools in the city

At elementary and junior high schools in Motoichi, from April to May of this year, due to the effect of the new coronavirus infection, we had to make temporary closures. During that time, we had a hard time working with the children and citizens. To date, after reopening school, each school has made efforts to catch up with the delay in learning during this period, by canceling school events and transferring to lesson classes and devising timetables. However, it still takes days to secure the learning of children and to firmly establish their academic ability.

Therefore, we will shorten the summer holidays and extend the class day for the first semester to guarantee children's learning. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please note that we will continue to utilize air conditioning equipment in the classroom as a measure against heat while working on ventilation, hand washing, gargle, and prevention of 3 dense areas to prevent new coronavirus infection.

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