《“A magical sheet that couples can really talk to”》

Gender equality because of such times

Due to the spread of infection with the new coronavirus, events and events have been canceled and opportunities to go out are decreasing.

Have you been at home all day with your family, for example, having to prepare three meals, clean and wash your clothes? Also take care of children and those in need of long-term care. It is said that sharing the methods of housework and reviewing the current situation helped to change the way of working and the division of roles within the family.

At times like this, let's work together to overcome it.

    ▶ Cabinet Office "A magical sheet that couples can really talk to. How about using (link to an external site) etc.?

There is also a collection of useful recipes that you can make quickly, easily and reasonably using the seasonings you have at home.

    "Father rice all over Japan" recipe Please see (link to external site).

There is a window where you can consult

In addition, as the situation of being unable to leave the house continues, there are many consultations about violence damage nationwide, and most of the victims are female partners.

Just because you are stressed, you are not allowed to abuse or violence. No one should be violent for any reason.

Why don't you talk to a reliable expert without worrying alone?

DV consultation navigation

    We have set up a nationwide consultation navigation dial so that those who are suffering from domestic violence can consult with the nearest spouse violence consultation support center.
    The telephone number for DV Consultation Navi is 0570-0-55210.

DV consultation plus (Link to external site)

    In order to respond urgently to the current situation, the contact point has been expanded to complement the existing consultation system.
    The phone number for DV Consultation Plus is 0120-279-889.
    After the night of April 29th, the phone will be available at midnight. (From 9:00 am to 9:00 pm until April 28) We also support SNS consultation (chat) and email consultation. Multilingual support will be available from May.

The DV / Human Rights Consultation Counter "With You" (Kagoshima Prefecture) has ended.

In Kagoshima Prefecture, for three months from Wednesday, May 13th to Wednesday, August 12th, Internet monitoring will be conducted to curb malicious discriminatory writing on the Internet, and the new coronavirus over the phone will be carried out. We have set up a human rights consultation desk for infectious diseases and a consultation desk "With You" for domestic violence (including child abuse associated with DV) via telephone or SNS.

DV telephone consultation by Kagoshima Prefecture is as usual Kagoshima Women's Counseling Center (Link to external site), Kagoshima Gender Equality Center (Link to external site) is also accepted.

▶ In case of emergency, do not hesitate to call 110.

Call 189 for consultations and reports regarding child abuse.

Message from the Minister of State for Gender Equality (Gender Equality), Minister of State for Gender Equality, regarding the response to DV associated with the new coronavirus problem (April 10, 2nd year of Reiwa)

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About "Hidamari Cafe"

    It was canceled on April 20th.
    It was canceled on May 20th.
    It was held on June 20th at Aira Community Center. (1:30 pm to 4:30 pm)
    It was canceled on July 20th.
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