2020 Aira City staff recruitment entry started!

2020 Aira City staff recruitment entry ( adopted on April 1, R3)

First of all, before entry.

We update the work environment, activities (club activities), niche information, etc. as needed. We hope you find it useful as a reference for those who are interested in community design, clerical work, jobs that utilize your own skills or civil servants themselves, or those who are focused on local governments in Kagoshima Prefecture.

    ▶For entry reference

Active staff

I asked a staff member who has been in the agency for more than 3 years about his/her thoughts on careers (his career after joining the agency to today) and work. We would like to introduce 5 employees who are active in the 4 types that are being recruited this time. We hope that it will be useful not only immediately after entering the agency, but also as a reference so that everyone can enter the agency and imagine what it will be a few years from now.

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Aira City in the PR video

PR video of the city released in June of last year. We welcome the creators living in the city and artists with roots in the city to express the potential of Aira city. It has been played over 20,000 times on SNS and youtube in 3 days since it was released, and now (as of July), it has been played about 75,000 times in the full version only. Although there is an image that Aira City is being developed, it is a town where the natural scenery, human feelings and emotions still remain. It can be said that it is a hybrid town that combines "old" and "new".

    Aira City PR video concept (press conference material at the time of release) (PDF: 244KB)

Compact city

The greatest merit of Aira City is that it is easily accessible anywhere in the prefecture. Since the airport is near, it will be a great benefit for those who have many opportunities to return to their parents' houses in other municipalities in the prefecture. It will be convenient for traveling and traveling abroad.
Also, since the city area is small, moving and moving between the three main offices, which are the main workplaces, has a low impact on daily life, and the amount of travel time can be shared with family members, such as leisure and private time. It is also possible to ask.

Toward a workplace that considers diversity and ikumen

In order to further improve the quality of administrative services, it is necessary to develop capable human resources. Aira City is promoting gender equality, responding to diversifying and complex needs, and is working to create a workplace where each individual can play an active role. Information about the hiring rate and number of people will be announced.

    <Ratio of newly hired employees to men and women>

    Recruitment status of general administrative staff for the past 3 years.


    <Ratio of female employees>

    As for the gender ratio of all employees in Aira City, males still exceed 70%, but the female ratio itself is gradually increasing.


    <<5 numerical targets>>

    By grasping the current situation and analyzing the issues, we aim to create a work environment in which anyone can play an active role by setting the following five numerical targets. In particular, we are promoting the acquisition of childcare leave for men on a government-wide basis, and are working to create an environment that also considers Ikumen. (Specific business owner action plan)


I see, City Hall club activities

There are currently 11 club activities at Aira City Hall, and work-life balance/activities that take advantage of special skills are performed regardless of gender. Although not official, other cultural activities such as fishing, childcare, travel, history, camera, design, creation, production, insects, bands, musical instruments, enlightenment, SNS etc. are also carried out independently within the scope of hobbies. There are also staff.

《Official club activities》

    Baseball club Volleyball club Soccer club Softball club Golf club Bowling club Kyudo club Soft tennis club Kendo club Badminton club Ekiden club

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