<< Wanted>> Premium Gift Certificate Dealers

We are looking for a retailer of Aira City new coronavirus countermeasure premium gift certificate.

The city sells a single 10,000 yen premium gift certificate for 5,000 yen for each household head of the household.

    ◆ 500 yen x 20 pieces = 10,000 yen (8 for restaurants and accommodations, 12 for other common shops)
    *For restaurants/accommodation facilities, it can be used only in restaurants/accommodation. Other common stores can be used at all stores (including restaurants and lodging businesses).

We are looking for stores that can use this gift certificate as follows.

    Businesses that can apply as dealers: All businesses that have stores and business establishments in the city
    Application period: From Friday, July 10, 2013 to Friday, January 29, 2019
    * Dealers whose acceptance in the city is completed by August 21, 2019 (Friday) will be posted in the "List of Dealers (Leaflet)" distributed to buyers.
    *Registrations received after Saturday, August 22, 2012, will be announced on the city website at any time.

Before applying, please check the " Recruitment Guidelines for Dealers (PDF: 469KB) " here.

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