“Farmland restaurant Mori no Kazoku” Enjoy with children ♪

A menu that is easy on the body with organic produce ✨ "Farmland Restaurant Mori no Kazoku" Enjoy with children ♪

Hello. This is Lupase.
How is everyone doing.

This time, Lupase will deliver
This is Mr. Morinokazoku, a farm restaurant in Aira City.

The vegetables and rice used in the store are all organic products, including those grown in our own farm.

It seems that even people with food allergies can deal with it. Let's go immediately!!
* Aira store is currently closed for restaurant business. Takeout sale only I am doing it.

For details, please contact the store in advance. The official website of the store is Here

Appearance of calm atmosphere

Immediately into the store★
The inside of the store was also colored in a dark color.

There is also a vegan menu (a dish made entirely of vegetables).

The vegan menu is a dish that does not use meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, or animal dashi.
It is recommended when you are tired and want to eat something that is kind to you.
You can also choose a kids menu!!

It was Lupase with a child, but I asked for a child chair,
The staff are kind and gentle (tears), such as responding to spilled water with a smile.

The food is here!!
Smooth Udon (400 yen)

Forest curry (regular 1200 yen)

Veggie bowl (regular 1300 yen) with soup

There were plenty of vegetables. I am very satisfied with the beautiful volume and appearance! !

To the next organic shop★
We are full. To the next organic shop★

There are also tastings★

A line of vegetables that makes you kind to the body! !


Ingredients that make you want to put them in your basket.

Udon used in children's menu

Children are excited about tasting oranges

I went with my child excitedly, but the staff were kind so I was able to enjoy lunch time ★

See you ♪

Thank you for visiting this page. It was Lupase.
★The photos in this article are used with the permission of the shop.
(LIVING Kagoshima)