2020 Joint training with the Kagoshima Prefecture Disaster Prevention Air Corps

On September 22, a joint training was held at the Kagoshima Prefectural Disaster Prevention Air Corps and the Aira City Fire Department Headquarters.

Assuming that an angler who is moving in the coastal mountains slips and is injured (cannot walk), contact from the ground and difficulty in rescue, contact from the air (introduction of personnel by firefighting / disaster prevention helicopter), contact from the sea ( The training focused on dispatching personnel by rescue boat) and emergency transportation by firefighting and disaster prevention helicopters.

In carrying out the training, with the cooperation of multiple related organizations, we were able to cooperate and collaborate toward a single goal to safely and reliably rescue in different operational environments on land, sea, and air. .

Aira-shi firefighting headquarters will try for cooperation reinforcement with related organizations from now on to cope with a great variety of disaster spots.

Aira City Fire Department Headquarters