<< Notice >> From the Hachiman Shrine Hama-dori Preservation Society

How nice! 0 About "Chusa Hachiman Shrine beach descent" As a result of the beach descent preservation society and the deliberation by the people concerned, we have decided to cancel the "Chosa Hachiman Shrine beach descent" scheduled for November 8th (Sun). Please refrain from attending the Shinto ritual as it will be held only at the Hama-dori Preservation Society. [Inquiry] Chosa School District Community Council Phone: 0995-73-7584

“Kagoshima National Athletic Meet / Kagoshima Tournament” held in 2023

How nice! 0 In the second year of Reiwa (2020), the 75th National Athletic Meet (nickname: Burning Feeling Movement National Athletic Meet) and the 20th National Sports Festival for the Disabled (nickname: Burning Feeling Movement Festival) will be the second in 48 years. Was held, and three official competitions and two demonstration sports were scheduled to be held in Aira City, but the holding of Reiwa 2 years was postponed due to the influence of the new coronavirus infection. The new "Kagoshima National Athletic Meet / Kagoshima Tournament" has been decided as follows. ○ Year of the event 2023 (5th year of Reiwa) ○ Tournament name <br /> Special National […]

“Aira Footpath” Renge no Sato Course (held on November 8th)

How nice! 0 It's not the season for bricks, but we will visit the villages of rice harvesting sites. Special: A little off course and go to Mie Falls. And if you wish, you can also experience "sowing seeds of bricks" ♪ For lunch, enjoy a full stomach of delicious new rice. The minimum number of participants is 10. If it does not reach 10 people, it will not be held. Please note. * We will implement measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

“Health Aira 21 Communication” September issue

How nice! 0 We launched "Health Aira 21 Correspondence" for the purpose of disseminating the second Aira City Health Promotion Plan "Health Aira 21" and disseminating health information, which is a guideline for citizens' health promotion. We will inform you about health promotion. ▶ Reiwa 2nd Year Health Aira 21 Communication "Reiwa 2nd September Issue" (No.29) (PDF: 913KB)

《Go To Travel Regional Coupon》 is now available

How nice! 0 From October 1st (Thursday), the handling of [Go To Travel Regional Common Coupon] has started. The amount equivalent to 15% of the travel price will be distributed to travelers by travel agencies and accommodation companies as a regional coupon. * If a fraction of less than 1,000 yen is generated, it will be rounded off (if the fraction is 500 yen or more, a coupon of 1,000 yen will be given. It can be used only during the travel period in the destination prefecture + adjacent prefectures. There are two types of coupons, paper coupons and electronic coupons, and no change is given. There are many facilities […]

《Aira Government Building Main Building》 Dismantled from December 2nd year of Reiwa

How nice! 0 The main building of Aira Government Building was dismantled from December 2nd year of Reiwa, and the department was temporarily relocated. Buildings 2 and 5 where there are windows for resident's card, family register, welfare, etc. remain the same. Due to the rebuilding of the aging Aira Government Building Main Building, the main building and the city hall department on the premises of the main building will be temporarily relocated in advance in order to start dismantling work from December 2nd year of Reiwa. There are four temporary relocation destinations: Kajiki Health Center, Kajiki General Branch, Aira Government Building No. 3 (former Ikawa Dermatology), and Aira Government […]

《Shigetomi Beach Nature Fureaikan》 Reopened

How nice! 0 Exhibition facility "Shigetomi Beach Nature Fureaikan Nagisa Museum" on Shigetomi Beach It was reopened on Thursday, October 1st. ▶ Kyushu Regional Environment Office Page The exhibition has been renewed so that you can experience the natural environment and its charm of Kinko Bay. Shigetomi Beach Nature Fureaikan Nagisa Museum is closed on Tuesdays from 9:00 to 17:00, and admission is free. ▶ "Nagisa Museum" Official Homepage

《Fixed point guide》 October is scheduled

How nice! 0 The fixed-point guide conducted by the Aira City Tourism Volunteer Guide Association is scheduled for October. Please use it for visiting the good points of Aira. [Yamada Triumphal Arch Fixed Point Guide] Thursday, October 1st, 10: 00-12: 00 Friday, October 9th, 10: 00-12: 30 October 11th (Sun) 10: 00-12: 00 October 18th (Sun) 10: 00-12: 00 October 25 (Sun) 14: 00-16: 30 [Kajiki Ryumonjizaka Fixed Point Guide] Sunday 13: 00-15: 00 [Gamo Daikusu Fixed Point Guide] Saturday 12: 30-15: 00 Sundays and public holidays 10: 00-12: 30, 12: 30-15: 00 * Information is based on fixed points. There is no guide to walk with us. In addition, […]

“Seasonal” “Kajhara pudding”

How nice! 0 "Kajhara Pudding", a member of the Tourism Association. A new product that you can enjoy the taste of this autumn, the name "Monpurin" is now available! It's seasonal. Please enjoy the taste of the season as soon as possible. This product will be introduced on Saturday, 26th at KKB's Planavi +. * The article was reprinted on September 24th. All members of the association, please send us seasonal information.

《Aira City Fire Department》 AIRA Furusato Challenger

How nice! 0 [1st AIRA Furusato Challenger] At the Aira Community Center in the morning of Saturday, September 17, 2nd year of Reiwa, by carrying out various activities by groups of different ages, we cultivate cooperation, independence and positivity, and pride and attachment to our hometown. The AIRA Furusato Challenger was held in collaboration with the Social Education Division with the aim of training strong youth leaders who will be responsible for the future of Aira City. This time, the first time, HUG (evacuation center management game) for 31 elementary school students in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, led by Aira City Junior Leaders (junior high and high school […]