“Shigetomi Coast” Marche at the beach 19th July “COCOCOLOR”

How nice! 0 COCOCOLOR Would you like to start a little trip on a holiday? It is a Marche in the relaxed atmosphere of Shigetomi Coast. We will send you wonderful information recommended by Kokokara staff. *Please come wearing a mask. *A disinfectant is available at the entrance. Please help us disinfect your fingers. [Recruiting store openings] Please see here for details.

Aira city accommodation

How nice! 0 In Aira city " AIRAIKU HOTEL kagoshima " 399-2 Higashimochida, Aira City " Fun Court Land Hotel " 433-15 Higashi Mochida, Aira City " Fontana no Oka Kamo" 434-1 Kusue, Kamo-cho, Aira-shi The above facilities are the target facilities. Please apply. ※ other prefecture area voucher target facility list (16 days 8 hours 30 min time point) is here. Please refer to the Click here for accommodation ticket acquisition application site *This is not a reservation site for each accommodation facility. After obtaining the accommodation voucher, please make a reservation for the accommodation by yourself.

“Discover Kagoshima Campaign”

How nice! 0 Has everyone applied? It seems that you can apply with the probability that you can challenge at 10 o'clock in the morning. Moreover, Aira City " AIRAIKU HOTEL " is developing a plan for assorting Aira City specialty products. Click here for details.

Weather warning (21:32 on June 15)

How nice! 0 Heavy rain warning was announced. Heavy rain warning has been canceled. [Aira City] Heavy rain warning lightning warning 【Sediment disaster】 Caution period: Until 16th morning 【Thunder】 Caution Period: Be careful of tornadoes until the 16th day

“Farmland restaurant Mori no Kazoku” Enjoy with children ♪

How nice! 0 A menu that is easy on the body with organic produce ✨ "Farmland Restaurant Mori no Kazoku" Enjoy with children ♪ Hello. This is Lupase. How is everyone doing. This time, Lupase will deliver This is Mr. Morinokazoku, a farm restaurant in Aira City. The vegetables and rice used in the store are all organic products, including those grown in our own farm. It seems that even people with food allergies can deal with it. Let's go immediately!! * Aira store is currently closed for restaurant business. Takeout sale only I am doing it. For details, please contact the store in advance. The official website of the […]

Sakurajima ash fall forecast (2:00 pm, June 9)

How nice! 0 Current, Sakurajima is eruption alert level 3 (climbing restrictions) is. If an eruption occurs on Sakurajima, ash fall is expected from the crater to the north from 21:00 to 24:00 on the 9th. If an eruption occurs from 15:00 on 9th to 9:00 on 10th, ash fall and small volcanic blocks are expected to fall in the following directions and distances. Time Direction from the crater Distance of ash fall Distance of small volcanic blocks 15:00 to 18:00 on 09th West (toward Kagoshima city) 130km 6km From 18:00 to 21:00 on the 9th West (towards Kagoshima city) 100km 4km From 21:00 to 24:00 on 09th North (direction […]

Local child care support center

How nice! 0 Aira City currently has six child-raising support centers as bases for supporting child-raising households. Please feel free to visit us for parent-child exchange and information exchange. Activity schedule of each base (updated from time to time) We will inform you of the schedule of activities conducted at the facility. Aira parent and child gathering open space "aiai" "Aiai Tsushin June 2020" is This (PDF: 763KB) Please see.

Publication of history and local history

How nice! 0 We sell publications created by the City Board of Education and museums. If you would like to purchase by mail, please send the price (publication price + Yu mail shipping fee) to the museum by registered mail or postal money order. If you are uncertain about the shipping fee, please contact the museum counter. Detail is Here History and Folklore Museum Pamphlet See also.

“Shigetomi Doll” is in stock.

How nice! 0 25 years of making clay dolls living in Wakimoto, Aira city, Maki received a request to make a unique lucky charm from "Iwagaya Shrine" where Yoshihiro Shimazu is enshrined in 2016, and made a clay doll with a tarumi doll motif. I created it. Toshiaki Takano, the chairman of Aira City Sightseeing Volunteer Guide, is the name-bearer of the "Shigetomi Ningyo". At Aira City Tourist Information Center, dolls of "Yoshihiro Shimazu", "Takamori Saigo" and "Michizane Sugawara" related to Iwago Shrine are on display and for sale. There is a taste in molding and the color is very beautiful ✨ Please take a look.

“Unsweetened and unsalted food” restaurant ✨ Fontana no Oka

How nice! 0 New healthy food "sugar-free and salt-free" restaurant has been renewed and opened! The new theme is "new healthy food "sugar-free and salt-free" It is a delicious dish that maximizes the "sweetness" and "umami" of the original ingredients without adding sugar or salt as seasoning. A truly physical meal, I want everyone to feel the deliciousness… It is filled with such thoughts. Please enjoy a sugar-free and salt-free meal where the taste of the ingredients carefully selected in the clear air surrounded by greenery will make your body feel. Only 20 meals per day are reserved. (The first day was sold out. Thank you.) We look forward to […]