Sightseeing guide training hospitality course

How nice! 0 I want to convey more and more of Aira's wonderfulness! I am waiting for you. "Tourist guide training hospitality course" High-quality hospitality that conveys the charm of Aira even more! In all three intensive courses, we will delve into the charms of various Aira and aim for a higher level. Day and time: October 4th (Monday) 13: 30-15: 00 (Lecture) October 13 (Wednesday) 13: 30-15: 30 (Lecture) October 14th (Thursday) Half day (fieldwork) Teacher: Mr. Ryutaro Higashikawa, Representative Director of Kagoshima Exploration Association, Specified Nonprofit Organization Town Development Area Forum Tuition fee: Free Capacity: 20 people Application: Aira City Tourism Association ▶ FAX: 0995-67-6053

Call for works for the 20th Aira No. 10 Art Exhibition

How nice! 0 We call on the general public (high school students and above) to recruit paintings every year, both inside and outside the prefecture. We would like to provide art lovers and those who are interested in art with an opportunity to make presentations, raise the interest of the local community in art, and at the same time lead to the development of local culture. * The contents of the 20th Aira No. 10 Art Exhibition are subject to change due to the influence of the new coronavirus. Main event Aira City, Aira City Board of Education, Aira No. 10 Art Exhibition Executive Committee Qualification requirements General (high school […]

Under recruitment of “Japanese supporter training course” students!

How nice! 0 In Kagoshima Prefecture, in order to realize a multicultural society, as one of the "places" for foreign residents to live in Kagoshima, in order to increase opportunities (classes, etc.) to learn Japanese, we will target the Aira and Isa areas. A Japanese language supporter training course will be held in Kirishima City as follows. * Depending on the status of the new coronavirus infection, it may be canceled or postponed. If you live in Aira City and would like to take the course, please apply at the Aira City Planning and Policy Division. Course content: This is a course to practically learn how to support foreigners who […]

Notice of temporary closure

How nice! 0 The Gamo Tourism Exchange Center will be temporarily closed until September 12 . In addition, the "Sakurajima-Kinkowan Geopark Stamp Rally" will also be suspended until September 12. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding. M (_ _) m ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center

2021 Handmade My Bag Contest

How nice! 0 In light of the fact that there is a plastic waste problem that has been taken up worldwide in recent years, we aim to promote the introduction of My Bags, reduce the amount of waste, and improve the recycling of resources in order to protect the global environment. Application rules The submitted work must be handmade (ready-made products cannot be used as they are, but painted or decorated products are acceptable). Applicants are elementary school students and above. There is no limit to the qualifications of applicants or the number of entries. ・ Department gate [elementary school student department] [junior high school student department] [general department] 3 […]

Public transport status (August 17)

How nice! 0 About the community bus operation status on Tuesday, August 17, 3rd year of Reiwa [Gamo area patrol bus 6 routes] ・ Yonemaru / Hiiragi Line / Ogawauchi / Urushi Line / Nishiura / Fire Uto Line (only the first flight operates)・ Ogawauchi ・ Nishiura Line ・ Kusu no Yu ・ Hisasue Line ・ Gamo ・ Yamada ・ Chosa Line * Due to the risk of disaster due to heavy rain, we are suspending operation. The resumption of service is undecided. [Furusato Bus / Kizushi Line] Due to the heavy rain so far, the Furusato Bus / Kizushi Line does not stop at "Kitano", "Sugano", and "Nakamurashimo Sanmonji", […]

Status of evacuation shelters (as of 10:00 on August 17)

How nice! 0 We will inform you from the Crisis Management Division. You can check the status of evacuation shelters in Aira City (as of 10:00 on August 17) and evacuation shelter information in Kagoshima Prefecture from the following site, so please use it. Status of evacuation shelters in Aira City: Evacuation center information in Kagoshima Prefecture: ▶ Aira City Disaster Prevention / Regional Information