<< We will carry out nuclear disaster prevention drills >>

How nice! 0 Kagoshima Prefecture Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Drill In line with the prefecture's nuclear disaster prevention drill on Saturday, February 6, 3rd year of Reiwa, the city will strengthen cooperation with related organizations and raise awareness of nuclear disaster prevention among local residents based on the regional disaster prevention plan and evacuation plan. Therefore, we will carry out disaster prevention drills. Day and time Saturday, February 6, 3rd year of Reiwa from 7:00 am place Aira City Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Training Area Shirao Matsuo Village, Kamoucho Town, Aira City Evacuation center installation training Gamo Elderly Welfare Center Inspection training at the time of evacuation exit Gama Biological Gymnasium Nuclear […]

《Children’s Club (After-school Children’s Healthy Development Project)》

How nice! 0 For children who have difficulty in home-based childcare after school due to the employment of their parents (for children in grades 1 to 6), we will provide appropriate play and living places to support the healthy development of children. .. Opening date In principle, every Monday to Saturday (Sundays and public holidays are closed in principle) procedure Applications are accepted directly at each club. In addition, opening hours and usage fees vary depending on the club, so please contact each club. Implementation facility For facilities that have children's clubs, please download and check the list of children's clubs (after-school children's healthy upbringing companies). ▶ List of Reiwa […]

“GO! GO! Aira Drive Stamp Rally》

How nice! 0 Stamp rally period: December 20th (Sun) -February 11, 2021 (Thursday) Get a nice product using your smartphone! 1st class Assorted special products of Aira equivalent to 10,000 yen Assortment of 2nd class Aira special products equivalent to 5,000 yen Assortment of 3rd class Aira special products equivalent to 3,000 yen * A dedicated app is required to participate in the stamp rally. Please check the pamphlet for details. * Pamphlets are available at public and commercial facilities in Aira City. You can also get the pamphlet at the following points. ★ Shirakane Brewery Ishikura Museum (1933 Wakimoto, Aira City) ★ Shigetomi Kaigan Nature Fureaikan Nagisa Museum (7675 […]

<> We conducted a special inspection at the end of the year.

How nice! 0 A special year-end inspection was conducted at three retail stores in the city for three days on December 8, 9 and 11 of Reiwa 2. This was carried out for the purpose of thorough fire prevention management and evacuation management at retail stores where the number of people coming and going during the busy season of the year-end and New Year holidays, and whether there are any obstacles to evacuation such as passages We confirmed that the management work was being carried out properly. Citizens are also kindly requested to cooperate in fire prevention! Aira City Fire Department Prevention Division

<> Let’s make an important anniversary a tree anniversary!

How nice! 0 The Aira City Green Promotion Council will present a commemorative tree to those who had an anniversary in the second year of Reiwa. Make your important anniversary a "tree" anniversary and grow your joy with the tree! Target anniversary Birth marriage New construction / purchase of a house * Up to 1 application per household. * Marriage is one for a couple. * Distribution is one for each memorial. Application conditions Those who live in Aira City (for anniversaries) Those who had a target anniversary between January 1st, 2nd year of Reiwa and December 31st, 2nd year of Reiwa Those who can secure a place to plant […]

“Don’t lose to Corona! Yamada no Sato Onibi Burning》

How nice! 0 Reiwa 3rd year The 3rd "Yamada no Sato Onibi Fire" will be held. Event name: Don't lose to Corona! Yamada no Sato Onibi Burning Contact: 0995-73-7434 / Yamada School District Community Council Date: January 10, 2021 (Sun) Holding time: 16: 30-19: 00 Venue: Rice field near Nakagawara Bridge (behind Yamada Nursery School in Aira City)

《Isshin Sakura Aira Onsen》 Fun lottery ♪

How nice! 0 Isshin Sakura Aira Onsen 5th New Year Holidays ★ Fun Lottery ★ A fun lottery that has become an annual event. to start. Lottery tickets (lottery numbers) will be distributed during the period from December 21st (Monday) to December 29th (Tuesday). Large communal bath 1 per person (including elementary school students) Keafu 1 per person 2 per family bath The prizes include large communal bath coupons, bathing tickets, discount tickets, drinks, shochu, etc. The winning probability is 70%! !! Winning number announcement will be posted in the hall from January 6th to 13th.