19th is Respect for the Aged Day

How nice! 0 It was a cool morning in Gamo today. Autumn seems to be approaching. 19th is Respect for the Aged Day Longevity shrimp for gifts 🦐 recommended The Aira Isa area is also holding a stamp rally. Next weekend, it seems that the event will also be at Kagoshima Airport. ▶ Gamo Tourism Exchange Center

“Yamada no Sato Scarecrow Festival” Call for Scarecrow Works

How nice! 0 Why don't you try making a scarecrow with your family, friends or co-workers? Please display the scarecrows that everyone worked together to make Yamada lively! [Recruitment period] From October 3rd (Monday) to October 8th (Saturday) Exhibition after reception [Exhibition period] October 3rd (Monday) to November 11th (Friday) [Exhibition venue] Shimona, Aira City Yamada housing complex horizontal reclaimed land [Artist application] 9:00 to 17:00 ↓ Yamada Precinct Community Council Telephone: 0995-73-7434 Yamada district public hall telephone: 0995-65-2501 *Scarecrow exhibition only. There are no events. *Please check the points to note when exhibiting.

Aira Footpath – Gamogo Rural Course –

How nice! 0 It's been a long time since I posted. After the summer of corona misfortune, it's September. Next month, on October 16th (Sun), " Aira Footpath ~ Gamogo Rural Course ~" event will be held. We will be accepting applications from September 16th, so we will inform you again. Well, here is a guide from the Japan Footpath Association . From October 28th (Friday) to 30th (Sunday), “National Footpath Gathering 2022 in Usuki” will be held. A footpath walk is also planned, so if you are interested, why not participate? For details ⇒ https://www.usukifp.com/2022-forum

Kagoshima Prefecture Firefighting Technique Tournament

How nice! 0 On August 26, 2020 (Friday), the Kagoshima Prefecture Firefighting Training Tournament was held at the Kagoshima Prefecture Firefighting School in Hioki City. City hall branch office which won Aira, Isa branch firefighting method meeting that there was on July 24 in the same year participated. The city hall branch was the top batter of the 9 branches, and they performed wonderfully in a tense atmosphere, and the result was the second place. We were able to achieve good results worthy of the names of representatives of the Aira-shi fire brigade and the Aira/Isa branch fire brigade. The good fight of the city hall branch in the corona […]

Shigetomi beach, last day.

How nice! 0 Last day today. There are young people who swim reluctantly. It looks like we can finish the season without incident. Thank you all for coming. Even after the beach is over, Shigetomi Beach is a wonderful place in Aira City. Please come and visit us again.

“Airamon Airamon” as a souvenir from Kagoshima

How nice! 0 I want to convey the charm of Aira! and specialty products made from Aira's ingredients. Airamon Have you tried it yet? Please take this as a souvenir from Kagoshima✨ Today, there was a father who was moved by the great camphor tree of Gamo and took it as a souvenir~🌳 ▶ Continue here

Aira City Fireworks Festival

How nice! 0 This is an event announcement. The Aira City Fireworks Festival is held. 【Fireworks display】 Date: September 18th (Sun) 〇 Launch starts from 20:00 Location: Kajiki Port *There is no parking lot at the venue. Please use public transportation. Traffic regulation ⇒ 17:30~ Deregulation ⇒ 22:00 (scheduled) [Aira Night Market] Date: Sunday, August 28, 16:00-20:30 Location: Around Aira City Hall In addition, please contact the Aira City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kajiki Branch (0995-63-2295) for more information about volunteer staff and premium bleachers (limited quantity).

Recruitment of volunteer staff started!

How nice! 0 Recruitment of volunteer staff for "burning impression Kagoshima National Athletic Meet" held in Aira City! We are looking for volunteer staff at the competition venue to be held in Motoichi at the special national athletic meet held next year, "Moneyu Kando Kagoshima National Athletic Meet". It is an activity that supports the activities of top athletes and provides warm hospitality to athletes, officials, and other people involved in the National Sports Festival and spectators who come to the city. Now, let's enjoy the "burning excitement" together through volunteer activities at this once-in-a-half-century big event held in Kagoshima Prefecture. Application period: August 1, 2020 (Monday) to March 31, […]