Deployment of new rescue vehicle

In December of this year, a rescue vehicle was deployed at the Aira City Fire Department.


This vehicle is a new force of the fire department that was to be deployed because about 19 years have passed since the previous rescue vehicle was deployed.

    ・ Crane 4-stage boom (predecessor was 2-stage boom)
    ・ Equipped with LED lighting
    -Equipped with a fully rechargeable rescue device (predecessor operated on fuel). As a result, portability and operability have been significantly improved. It can also be charged in a vehicle.


The main dispatch sites for rescue vehicles are not only fire sites, but also traffic accident sites, mountain rescue, high / low place rescue, and water accident sites. Comprehensive and multifunctional vehicles that can be used at any site protect the safety and security of Aira City.


The new rescue vehicle will appear at the Aira City Fire Department Dezomeshiki, which will be held at Aira City Kane Hall from 1:00 pm on January 6, 1945, and will showcase training, so please visit us if you are interested.

Aira City Fire Department .