Moso bamboo Christmas tree is here!

From December 20th to 26th.
"December Festival IN Kitayama 2021"

Kitayama soba making experience

9: 00 ~

    ■ Venue: Kitayama Outdoor Training Center Special Venue ■ Participation fee: 500 yen for junior high school students and above, 300 yen for elementary school students and below ■ Material cost: 500 yen per group (equivalent to 4 people)
    ■ Items to bring: Masks, etc.

Mini star dome (★ egg) making experience

13: 00 ~

    ■ Venue: Kitayama Folklore Square ■ Participation fee: 1,000 yen (including material cost)
    ■ Items to bring: Gloves (work gloves), mask ■ Lighting ceremony: 18: 00 ~
    * There are also astronomical observations by Starland AIRA.
    Let's turn on the star dome made by everyone.
    There are hot foods and drinks (udon, amazake, zenzai, shochu, juices) in the large dome.

Christmas concert

15: 00 ~

    ■ Venue: Kitayama Densetsukan Gymnasium ■ Performers: Kagoshima Mama Brass Myu, etc. ■ Participation fee: Free ■ Stores: Prefectural Forest, Aira Agricultural Processing Group sales, vegetables sales (udon, soba, rice balls, soup powder) )

Common subject matter

    ★ The parking lot is the site of Kofuen (with information display)
    ★ As a measure against corona infection, temperature is measured at each reception and alcohol disinfection of hands and fingers ★ Each person wears a mask

≪Contact information≫

    Kitayama Precinct Community Council Office Phone: 0995-68-0511 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10:00 to 17:00)