“Site of Iwatsurugi and Osumi Battle” & # 038; “Site of Iwatsurugi”

450th Anniversary Lecture "Iwatsurugi Castle and Osumi Battle" after Takahisa Shimazu's Death / "Iwatsurugi Castle Tour" with Tour Guide

450th Anniversary Lecture "Site of Iwatsurugi and Osumi Battle" after Takahisa Shimazu's death
    Iwatsurugi Castle is famous for the fact that Yoshihisa Shimazu, Yoshihiro, and Toshihisa made their first appearance at the behest of Takahisa Shimazu. A lecture on the theme of the battle will be held!
    Visitors will receive a gift of "Kajiki Manju", a sweet related to Yoshihiro, and original goods.
"Iwatsurugi Castle Tour" with tour guide
    This is a mountain walking tour that takes you to the site of Iwatsurugi Castle, which was the stage of the Iwatsurugi Castle Battle, while looking at the surrounding Shimazu clan and the battlefield.

* Please check the leaflet below for how to apply.


Application period:
    Both the lecture and the Iwatsurugi tour must arrive from September 15th (Wednesday), 3rd year of Reiwa to Wednesday, October 20th, 3rd year of Reiwa.

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