Call for works for the 20th Aira No. 10 Art Exhibition

We call on the general public (high school students and above) to recruit paintings every year, both inside and outside the prefecture.

We would like to provide art lovers and those who are interested in art with an opportunity to make presentations, raise the interest of the local community in art, and at the same time lead to the development of local culture.

* The contents of the 20th Aira No. 10 Art Exhibition are subject to change due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Main event

    Aira City, Aira City Board of Education, Aira No. 10 Art Exhibition Executive Committee

Qualification requirements

    General (high school students and above) regardless of whether they are inside or outside the prefecture.

the work

  1. The theme is free.
  2. The size of the work is limited to No. 10 painting. (Excluding S size)
  3. Limited to dry works.
  4. Limited to unpublished original works. Excludes copying.
  5. The frame should not be glass or acrylic, and the size of the frame should be within 70 cm x 63 cm.
  6. Be sure to clearly indicate the title and name of the work on the back of the frame and hang a string for exhibition.
  7. We will handle and store the accepted works with great care, but we will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by force majeure.

Listing fee


    1st point 2,000 yen
    500 yen per item after the second item
    * The number of items exhibited is 3 or less per person. Submit the exhibition application form at the time of delivery and pay the exhibition fee.

High school students: Free

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