Enjoy two days in spring at Shigetomi Beach ♪

Many nice stores open!

[Sky Clear]

    We offer banana juice, bowls, etc. centering on the Hawaiian sandwich "Malasada", which is a Hawaiian-only sweet "Masada" sandwiched with fresh vegetables from Kagoshima prefecture.


    I'm making small items with the inspiration of something like this that I wish I had. Please take a look at macaron pouches, purse pouches, cloth bags, etc.

[Kusu no Ki Nature Museum]

    We will convey the goodness of Kagoshima, the goodness of Aira, the goodness of Shigetomi Beach, and the modest goodness of nature around us. We sell towels, can badges, 3D puzzles, etc.

[& Rilufe.] (20th only)

    We sell handmade accessories, miscellaneous goods, and select items using imported materials based on the concept of cute adults. There is also a sale of "Korean children's clothing" sold only by COCOCOLOR.

[Kids Cafe & Bar LINK]

    Sale of crepes, baked goods, homemade drinks, etc.

[Kurumi botan] (21st only)

    Cat lovers sell purses, cloth accessories, and accessories.

[Keokeo] (21st only)

    We will provide you with fun and cute parfait sweets.
    * #Gamo Tea Hall This is a spin-off shop of zenzai.


    We will prepare spring limited drinks and arranged drinks using Kagoshima ingredients.

[Handmade pudding specialty store Kajihara]

    Sale of handmade pudding


    Homemade chicken nanban / loco moco bowl, our most popular Basque cheese cake sale

[Woody Cross]

    We sell woodwork products such as chairs, folding tables, and foreheads with a timeless design so that you can use your precious wood for a long time.

[Sunny Side]

We sell handmade accessories that will make you feel excited just by wearing them. We make each one carefully and with all our heart.

[Dieci 10]

    We offer Neapolitan pizza that is baked to order using authentic Italian kilns, wheat, cheese, and ingredients from the prefecture.

[Eric curry]

    Uses Japanese black beef and black pork meat from Kagoshima prefecture. Curry is a blend of several spices, sweet curry for children, and a set of naan and curry.


    Please enjoy the karaage that won the gold medal for the 4th consecutive year of the karaage grand prix from all over the country. We also sell meat-wrapped rice balls.

[Spring sun]

    With the nature of Shigetomi Beach in the background, we will leave a picture of the natural appearance of families and children.

[Link massage shop] (20th only)

    Taiwanese style reflexology. I want everyone to receive it at a low price and be healed.

[BAKERY chata] (20th only)

    This time, as a new kitchen car menu, we have prepared a hot sandwich with the chata logo. Please enjoy the freshly baked hot sandwiches.