《“I want you to eat delicious meat-” A new way to enjoy healthy horse meat》

Boil the low-temperature cooked meat, wrap it with fresh vegetables, and serve it with your favorite sauce (eggs, miso, soy sauce).

A dish that can only be tasted here
Kyushu's first roasted shabu-shabu restaurant opened in April 2020 as a sister restaurant to Yamasaki's yakiniku
"Yamasaki no Yaki Shabu" ¡

    Grilled shabu-shabu is a way to eat thinly sliced meat like shabu-shabu by grilling it on a net or an iron plate and cooking it over a fire.
    The main product is horse meat ordered from Mongolia, which has a juicy taste with no habit.
    The owner was impressed by the taste of the young horse that he ate locally, and the result of pursuing a cooking method that could provide the most delicious taste was grilled shabu-shabu.

“High-protein, low-fat, nutrient-rich horse meat is also recommended for those who care about beauty and health,” says the store manager Maeda. ( Public Relations Aira "AIR Aview" January 15, 3rd issue of Reiwa More excerpt)


Horse cutlet lunch with 100% horse meat (with rice, soup and salad). The cutlet packed with meat is perfect for eating!