Female firefighter “Experience-based internship”

On Sunday, June 21, a female firefighter "experience-based internship" was held at the Aira City Fire Department.


Participants were 5 students from the second year of high school to 18 years old in Kagoshima prefecture, 4 parents, 4 guardians, staff of this fire department and 2 female firefighters from the Kirishima City Fire Department.




I think that I was able to make firefighters feel more familiar by actually touching the vehicles and equipment such as firefighting briefing sessions, smoke experience, water discharge experience, amphibious buggy riding experience. In addition, the round-table discussion was a place where we could share our concerns about fire fighting and the anxieties and worries we felt as we aim to become firefighters.



We look forward to more opportunities for female firefighters to get to know and feel, and look forward to working with them in the future.