Shirakane Regular Mail Spring/Summer Edition

~A year where you can feel the seasons with shochu~

Shirogane Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Representative Director: Akiko Takenouchi) will be holding a [Shirakane Regular Delivery] at Ishigura Museum in February 2024.

Up until now, we have been selling various types of shochu in limited quantities according to the season, but from time to time we have received feedback from customers such as “They were sold out and we couldn't buy them'' or “We missed the timing.''

–I have heard comments such as: Therefore, if it is sold at the online shop directly managed by Shirokane Sake Brewery, it will be available as [Shirakane regular delivery] at a delicious time! Be the first! surely! We decided to change the Shirokane subscription service that we carried out two years ago to our customers with the idea of delivering it to our customers, and we have renamed it to the "Shirakane regular service" and will be implementing it as a seasonal service with a "spring/summer edition" and "autumn/winter edition". There are also special benefits that come with purchasing on the Shirakane regular service, so you can enjoy Shirokane Shuzo's shochu even more.

■Delivery one bottle tailored to the season from over 150 brands <br />At Shirokane Sake Brewery, we manufacture over 150 brands of shochu. (Including private brands)
By changing the potato, koji, yeast, distiller, blending ratio, etc., shochu with a wide variety of flavors can be created.
With so many varieties, we sometimes receive surprised comments from our customers, such as, "I didn't know about this brand…" or "It was made by Shirokane Sake Brewery." In addition to our representative brands, “Shirokanenoro'' and “Ishigura,'' we also offer attractive shochu that everyone should try at least once, as well as seasonal limited edition liquors that we can recommend with confidence, as well as new products.

■We want you to feel the seasons through shochu

We receive happy comments from people who love Shirokane Sake Brewery's shochu, such as “It's shochu season already'' and “You can't feel the season without drinking this.''

Just as you enjoy the four seasons of Japan, we would like you to enjoy the four seasons through shochu. With this in mind, we will ship seasonal products to everyone who has ordered [Shirakane Regular Shipping] as soon as possible on the release date. Once you place your order, all you have to do is wait for your seasonal shochu.

Also, shipping prices have been rising recently, and depending on the area, the shipping fee may be higher than the product itself.
With [Shirakane Regular Delivery], the purchaser will receive a flat rate of 900 yen (excluding some areas) for shipping, which is cheaper than for regular orders. In addition, original goods and a book on how to drink shochu will be sent along with the shochu, so you can enjoy the seasonal flavors to your heart's content. Furthermore, we will deliver new products twice in this Shirakane regular delivery.

The first product in March is “Nomanoma'', a barley shochu produced by Shirokane Shuzo.
It will be released nationwide in March 2024 as Shirokane Sake Brewery's new regular barley shochu. This barley shochu is blended with local barley grown in Aira City, and has a pleasant aroma. When you put it in your mouth, a refreshing aroma spreads through your mouth, and the scent of barley lingers in the aroma that leaves your nose. Barley shochu has a variety of expressions depending on how you mix it, such as enjoying a refreshing aroma with carbonated water, or enjoying a rich aroma with hot water, but no matter how you drink it, it will last forever like a fond memory. The scent lingers and makes for an unforgettable moment.

The second April product is Nigori Shochu, which is made with different types of sweet potatoes every year. This year, we prepared it with Joy White.For those of you who thought, "Joy White seems to have been sold before…"
This year, we are taking an even bigger challenge and using a 1:3 ratio of potatoes and rice. (Usually, it is prepared in a ratio of 1 part rice to 5 parts sweet potato.) The fruity fragrance of Joy White spreads out in the depths of the rich sweet potato scent that is unique to Honnigori and spreads refreshingly by making it 1:3. It will capture your heart and never let you go.
Also, the Nigori Shochu released in April changes every year, so you may never come across the same Shochu twice.
This is what has captured the hearts of shochu enthusiasts.

Then, since May is also the season when plums begin to ripen, we will be selling Nanohana Plum Wine, which is made by soaking plums in Kin Shuzo's proud sweet potato shochu, and in June we will be selling a refreshing flavor that will soothe the early summer heat. It is a lineup that allows you to enjoy the changing seasons together with the distinctive “Ittaisan'', and it is a fun project that is a must-see for shochu fans filled with excitement over the course of four months.

The goods that are sent every month along with the shochu include Shirokane Sake Brewery's original glasses and stirrers, making it a set that allows you to enjoy a fun evening drink every day. The most recommended is the “wooden muddler'' made from a wooden barrel still. The handmade wooden barrel still is replaced once every four years.The wooden stirrer made by hand using the wooden barrel still has a faint cedar scent that makes the shochu even more delicious. Because it is handmade, no two are the same, making it your own unique muddler.

■Product Details Product Name: Shirakane Regular Delivery Spring/Summer Edition Contents: “Product 1800ml (1 bottle) + Original goods + Drinking instructions” x 4 months supply

March: (New product) Nomanoma April: (New product) Joy White Honnigori May: Nanohana plum wine June: Hetai-san

Price: 15,000 yen (tax and shipping included) *Excluding some areas *Hokkaido and Okinawa are 400 yen separately (shipping fee)
Retailer: Ishigura Museum store, online shop

*(Directly managed store) Not available outside of Ishigura Museum.

■Company Profile <br />Founded in 1896. This year marks the 155th anniversary of the restaurant's establishment, and since its founding, the restaurant has been preserving its traditional taste using the same preparation methods as in the past. It is said to be one of the oldest shochu breweries in Kagoshima, and during the Satsuma Rebellion, the Satsuma army led by Saigo Takamori set up camp, and the brewery was used as an energy drink on the battlefield and as a disinfectant for those injured. It is said that all the shochu was bought up. The “Ishigura'' where shochu has been made from its founding to the present was designated as a national registered tangible cultural property in 2001, and you can “see'' and “feel'' the manufacturing process and learn about the history of shochu. We also operate it as a museum where you can do various things. In addition to our representative brand “Shirokanenoro,'' we will continue to create products that are handmade and take time and effort.

Trade name: Shirokane Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. Representative: Akiko Takenouchi, Representative Director Address: 1933 Wakimoto, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture, 899-5651
Established: July 8, 1952 Business details: Manufacture and sales of authentic shochu and liqueurs Capital: 20,000,000 yen