Saw it on Instagram! “Aira Oshi Exhibition” where you can buy

Junko, a gourmet Instagrammer living in Aira City ( @junko_g5 ) discovered

An event with delicious food from Aira

[Opening stores]

★Guu diner ✖ @junko_g5 (Chilled lemon noodles with lots of cloud ear fungus from Aira) (Using bare wheat noodles from Aira)
★Aira's Aguri Emkara (domestic wood ear mushrooms, rice balls with cloud ear mushrooms, gyoza dumplings that Aira's love is unstoppable)
★airabo (granola, umami soy sauce)
Chirosuya (rice cakes)
Sasayama Watch Glasses (Coffee Beans: Kajiki Manju Blend)
Hara confectionery research institute (pound cake)

This is the first attempt to promote the delicious charm of Aira City at Maruya Gardens by collaborating with a famous Instagrammer in Aira City, producers and restaurants in the city.

Please do not miss.

▶ Aira City Tourism Association event information