《1st Starland AIRA “Sora” Photo Exhibition》

We are holding a special photo exhibition. We look forward to your visit.


    Increase interest in nature and astronomical activities in Aira City, and improve citizens' motivation to learn.


    Aira City Board of Education, Starland AIRA

Work theme:

    A photo of the sky taken in Aira city.
    Be sure to see the sky seen from Aira city.

Exhibition period:

    Starland AIRA
    Reiwa 2 November 3 (Wednesday / Holiday) -December 27 (Sunday)
    Aira City Central Library Reiwa January 6th (Wednesday) -January 20th (Wednesday)
    Aira Public Hall Reiwa February 1st (Monday) -February 19th (Friday)

Contact Us:

    Board of Education Board of Education Education Division Starland Aira (997-16 Kitayama, Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture 899-5541)
    Phone number: 0995-68-0688
    Fax number: 0995-68-0650