“Satsuma Oidon Cup” opens on 2/23!

The Satsuma Oidon Cup will be held.
It is an exchange battle that goes beyond the boundaries of universities, working people, and professionals.

[Holding period]

    February 23 (Thursday/holiday) – March 12 (Sunday)

[Match venue]

    Heiwa Lease Baseball Stadium @ Kagoshima City Satsumasendai City Sports Park Baseball Stadium @ Satsumasendai City Ijuin Sports Park Baseball Stadium @ Hioki City Beeline Sports Park Aira Baseball Stadium @ Aira City


    Satsuma Oidon Cup Executive Committee (Support: Kagoshima Prefecture, Kagoshima City, Satsumasendai City, Hioki City, Aira City)



In Aira City, it seems that a match between Toyota Motor Corporation and Asia University will be held on February 23 as a pick-up game.

Please check our website for updated schedules and other details.