About prevention of heat stroke

The rainy season is over nationwide earlier than usual this year, and it is expected that the temperature will continue to be high in the future. As the summer begins in earnest, heat stroke is occurring frequently in Aira City.

For this reason, when a heat stroke warning alert is announced, pay particular attention to the following points and take measures against heat stroke .

〇 Even if you are not thirsty, rehydrate frequently.
〇 Wear cool clothes that don't squeeze your body when you go out, and take measures against the sun!
〇Let's check the temperature of the room diligently.
〇 Use an air conditioner or electric fan well with a room temperature of 28 ° C as a guide.
〇 Do not overdo it and take a proper break.
〇 Eat a well-balanced diet and build physical strength on a daily basis!

First aid when heat stroke is suspected

〇 Move to a cool place.
〇 Loosen clothes 〇 Moisture. Replenish salt 〇 Turn on the air conditioner, blow the wind with a fan, fan, etc. to cool your body. * If you cannot rehydrate yourself or think something is wrong, call 119.

Aira City Fire Department .