Taihei Hayashiya solo performance

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
The typhoon has passed and the weather is dull, but don't forget to take measures against heat stroke 🥤

Now, let me tell you about the event to be held in August.

Aira City Cultural Center 25th Anniversary Event
Taihei Hayashiya solo performance

    [Sunday] August 13, 1945 (Saturday) Start 14:30 [Venue] Aira City Cultural Center Kane Hall (Large Hall)
    [Admission fee] Free (reserved seats) * Preschool children cannot enter * You cannot visit without an admission ticket.

How to apply for an admission ticket * If there are many applications, it will be a lottery.

    ・ Apply with a round-trip postcard ・ Up to 2 people with one postcard ・ Application period [Must arrive from June 22nd (Wednesday) to July 15th (Friday)]
    ・ Scheduled to reply on Friday, August 5

0995-62-6200 (Aira City Cultural Center Kane Hall)
Detailed URL https://kanonhall.jp/